Korivi Kaaram

For some, this fiery red hot pickle is something to stay away from. But for others, it is a visual treat as well as a treat to their palate!! Personally I fall somewhere in between. :)

It has taken me a few years to get convinced that this particular pickle is indeed a treat when consumed with the right quantity of ghee! In fact my MIL has effectively convinced me that it is 'to die for', so to say.

So last time when I visited them, I learnt the process from her and under her able guidance made a batch of this pickle which we shared and consumed in a matter of 2 months. 

Also be sure to drink lots of water and thin buttermilk to alleviate the acidity which might result after an assault on your stomach with this fiery pickle.
I have come to know that these ripe red chillies are usually available in Thai Stores all over. 

Ingredients - 

Ripe Red Chillies 1 kg (also known as pandu mirapakayalu)

Tamarind 150 - 200 gms 
Salt about 100 gms (Please note that rock salt is preferred)
Roasted Mustard Powder 1 tsp
Roasted Methi Powder  1 tsp
Asafoetida 1 tsp
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Season/Temper just before serving (Oil , Mustard seeds and Asafoetida).

Korivi Kaaram

Method Of Preparation -

As soon as the red chillies are brought, make sure they are not washed. Just wipe each of them down with a wet cloth and air dry. 

Remove the stems and take care that there are no damaged or soggy chillies.

Roughly grind the air dried chillies, salt, tamarind and turmeric.

Set aside for 3 days in a glass jar or the pickle jar (known as jaadi in Telugu).

Remove from the jar and grind it to a finer consistency or as preferred. Some of them like the coarser consistency.

In a mixing bowl, transfer the ground chutney, add the asafoetida, roasted mustard powder and roasted methi powder and mix well. 

Check for salt and adjust if needed.

The pickle is ready for storage or consumption.

Just before serving, take the required amount of pickle, add the seasoning and serve with steaming hot rice and ghee.

They stay fresh for a few months provided it is kept moisture free. To be safe refrigerate after a few days. I didn't have to as we finished it in 2 months!

Linking this to Kalyani's 'Pickles and Preserves Fest'.

Preparation Time 30 min + Resting Time 3 days 
Makes 1 kg
Posted by Harini R on Thursday, April 5, 2012


  1. Prema Says:
  2. wow thats really hot and delicious recipe...yummy n very tempting:)

  3. gorgeous and killer pickle i love to mix it with rice..chaala superb pickle!!

  4. Rasi Says:
  5. looks superb.. i have had the green chilli one..never this..

    Ongoing Event : WTML

  6. Sravs Says:
  7. Super tempting and lip-smacking pickle !!!!

  8. WOW!! Hot pickle.

  9. love that color harini!!! Pickle saadam is my fav too!!!

  10. Archana Says:
  11. Love the colour. So sorry the ripe chillies are all over her. We would have loved this.

  12. Archana Says:
  13. will make it next year. Thanks.

  14. Priya Suresh Says:
  15. Hot fiery pickle looks super colourful and stunning, wish to have some anytime..

  16. Kanan Says:
  17. very hot pickle. love the bright red color

  18. laurawkelly Says:
  19. Awesome. Definitely I will try this Red chilli pickle Thanks for sharing here.

  20. laurawkelly Says:
  21. Awesome. Definitely I will try this Red chilli pickle Thanks for sharing here.

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