We (Harini and Jaya), are sisters and also have grown to become very good friends. We are from Hyderabad (India) but have roots in a small town called Gooty (in the Anantapur District in the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh, India). We have spent the better part of our childhood summers in our maternal grandma's place, Koilkuntla (Kurnool District in the Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh, India) and fondly cherish our memories.

We have been exchanging and experimenting various types of recipes between each other and noting them as and when we came across a new one. All our recipes were either on papers or on our respective computers and some in forgotten folders too. So we decided to share our experiences/experiments with a wider audience and hence this blog.

Traditionally in our culture, betel leaves are offered after a hearty meal, often signifying satisfaction. The various ingredients which go into the 'paan' (select spices rolled into the betel leaf ) are supposed to stimulate the digestive enzymes and pacify our stomachs! These leaves have a wide range of medicinal properties. Also Betel leaves are an integral part of all auspicious occasions. So in essence, the process of cooking and eating is a 'Divine Act' and so our blog was christened 'Tamalapaku', which in our native language of Telugu, means a Betel Leaf .

Our idea is to show that everyday cooking is easy and can be made easier by experimenting with various flavors. Add nutritious vegetarian meals, ethnic and local ingredients to the mix and eating becomes an enjoyable experience. Making difficult recipes easy and easy recipes easier (While retaining the original taste) and healthier is what we always aim at.

We would love to hear your comments/suggestions/ideas or anything else which is constructive. You could leave a comment in any of the posts or mail to us at mail2tamalapaku[at]gmail[dot]com.
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