Pan de sal is a favorite of Filipinos. These rolls are also called the bread of salt. Though these are classified as breakfast rolls, they are 'anytime' rolls. These rolls typically contain eggs which I have replaced with yogurt here. 

P for Pan De Sal from Philippines..

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Recipe Source here
Ingredients - 

Milk 1 cup
Active Dry Yeast 1/2 Tbsp
Butter 2 Tbsp
All Purpose Flour or Bread Flour 2 1/2 cups + more if needed
Yogurt 2 Tbsp
Sugar 1/4 cup
Salt 1 tsp

Method Of Preparation -

Warm about 1/2 cup of milk with 1 teaspoon of sugar and add yeast to it. Set aside in a warm place for the yeast to froth up.

Meanwhile, heat up the remaining milk with butter and sugar until warm.

In a stand mixer add the flour, salt and the remaining sugar. Pour in the milk with the yeast and the milk with the butter. Mix in the yogurt as well.

Knead for about 10-12 minutes until the dough is soft and pliable.

Roll the dough in an oiled bowl, cover it and set in a warm place until it gets doubled. [about 90 minutes].

Punch down the dough, and divide the dough into small portions as per preference. [I made 7 portions]

Roll them into round bun shapes and arrange them in a greased baking pan. Cover and set aside for a second rise.[About 45 minutes].

Preheat the oven to 400 °F and bake in the middle rack for about 20 minutes or until the tops are golden brown.

Remove and brush with butter and enjoy the dinner milk rolls.

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Preparation Time 20 minutes + Resting time 2 hours and 15 minutes + Baking time 20 minutes
Makes 7 rolls
Posted by Harini R on Wednesday, April 19, 2017


  1. Namratha Says:
  2. Sweet buns, they look gorgeous! I wouldn't mind one for breakfast too..drool!

  3. Priya Suresh Says:
  4. This pan de sal rocks, such an easy breezy bread rolls, prefect to kick start a day.

  5. Sowmya :) Says:
  6. Love these rolls. Sounds like a droolworthy breakfast!

  7. Srividhya Says:
  8. Anytime rolls.. completely agree. Never knew all about these rolls. These are awesome.

  9. Srivalli Says:
  10. Those rolls look amazing Harini, enjoying all your bakes and my bookmark is surely going out of seams..very nice ones..

  11. Pavani Says:
  12. Simple everyday bread. Looks great.

  13. My family is not fond of sweet rolls and somehow I haven't tried any kind of sweet rolls. Seeing yours I guess I should give it a try.

  14. So many Rolls ,I am inspired to try rolls from you!! Lovely share!!

  15. Give me this for breakfast everyday and I will be a happy camper. Looks wonderful and I am bookmarking this to make soon :)

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