BM #94 Week 3 Day 1 - 

This week I shall showcase some meal ideas which takes about 30 minutes from preparation to the plate. When I first came across this version of Nawabi Dal a few years back, I could not believe or digest the addition of milk in the dal. 

But over the years I have learnt to disregard some of my fears and biases and in the recent months I have started making this dal at least once a week as it has become one of the favorite dals at home. 

I typically cook dal and rice at the same time in the Instant Pot (in the pot-in-pot method) which takes around 25 minutes from start to finish. Meanwhile I make rotis for the adults. The rotis are ready by the time the pressure has dropped from the Instant Pot. I prepare the seasoning on the stove top and by the time the table is set everything is ready.

The idea is to keep the consistency of the dal slightly runny and I love to slurp it as a soup. My kids love it with Rice whereas I prefer either the soup version of with roti. This dal thickens a little as it cools down.

Ingredients - 

Toor Dal 1 cup
Salt, turmeric, Green Chilies as needed
Milk 1 cup
Coriander leaves, finely chopped 2-3 Tbsp
Seasoning (Oil 1 Tbsp, Cumin seeds 1 tsp, Asafotida 1/8 tsp, Grated Garlic 1 Tbsp)

Method Of Preparation -

Wash and pressure cook toor dal with 3-4 cups of water along with salt, turmeric and green chilies.

After the pressure is released, prepare the seasoning.

In a heated pan, add oil and the rest of the seasoning. After the cumin seeds splutter and the garlic is golden brown, add the cooked toor dal mixture and adjust the consistency by adding water.

Let the dal come to a rolling boil. Boil milk separately and add the hot milk to the simmering dal.

Sprinkle the chopped coriander leaves and remove from heat.

Serve with rice or roti.


Sending this to MLLA - #122 started by The Well Seasoned Cook  and Lisa's Kitchen and guest hosted by Cook With Renu

Preparation Time 30 minutes
Serves 4-5
Posted by Harini R on Saturday, November 17, 2018


  1. Priya Suresh Says:
  2. Milk bring the creaminess to this dal na, have tried this dal at home and i was as much as like you that adding milk to the dal was something that i cant even imagine. But this dal was my daughter's favourite now.

  3. I was skeptical about this dal as well but tried it few months ago. I loved it.

  4. Rafeeda AR Says:
  5. That dal has nothing much going in but sounds super flavorful! Since it is really simple, bookmarked!

  6. Srividhya Says:
  7. I remember using milk for Sultani dal. Haven't tried in a long time. This is so simple and good. Perfect weekday meal

  8. The addition of milk is quite interesting Harini. I haven't tried it yet, but looks like most of you have tried. Will try this version next time when I make dal.

  9. Coconut Milk yes but never before seen a dal made with regular milk. This is interesting - will have to try it just to discover the different flavor profile

  10. I have never heard of this recipe with fresh milk. I am so scared to use fresh milk for the fear of curdling. Look so delicious and I am tempted to try some.

  11. sushma Says:
  12. This is something new to me, looks yummy.

  13. code2cook Says:
  14. This is very new thing for me. I have not added milk in dal so far. But deffinitely looks like to try once.

  15. Pavani Says:
  16. That is a very rich and creamy dal Harini. I would have scoffed off at the thought of adding milk to dal too, but now we are open to more varied flavors and less judgemental.

  17. Srivalli Says:
  18. This is a yummy dal Harini, love it with rotis..very nicely done!

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