BM #134 Week 2 Day 1 - 

This week I shall showcase some easy recipes with different types of millets.

Today's recipe is an easy one and can be made for any occasion. I have cooked the millet in the pressure cooker, but cooking them on stove top or in instant pot also works well. 

This is a good substitute for Rice kheer or Annam Paramannam.

Ingredients - 

Barnyard Millet 3 Tbsp
Milk 4 cups
Sugar 3/4 cup (or more if needed) 
Cardamom Powder 1/2 tsp
Fried Cashews for garnish

Method Of Preparation -

Wash and Soak barnyard millet for a few hours (a minimum of 4 hours) . Drain and wash again. 

Add about 3 cups of milk to the drained millet and pressure cook for 10 minutes.

In a heavy bottomed pan, boil a cup of milk and transfer the cooked barnyard millet into it.

Mix well and add sugar. Let the sugar melt and simmer for about 5-7 minutes.

Sprinkle the cardamom powder, mix well and remove from heat. Garnish with fried cashews.

Serve it warm for a delectable dessert.


Preparation Time 30 minutes
Serves 5-6


  1. Srividhya Says:
  2. Millets are definitely a great substitute for rice. Kheer looks creamy and delicious.

  3. Srivalli Says:
  4. I love these healthy, yet no comprise on taste.

  5. Radha Says:
  6. Kheer makes the festive feast complete and this is a nutritious and delicious one!

  7. Millet payasam is creamy and delicious! Loved it.

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