Vegan Ragi Vermicelli Kheer

BM #68 Day 10 -

I have succeeded so far in posting 9 millet recipes alternating between Bajra, Ragi, Jowar and Little Millet. I hope to continue with that pattern.

Now on to today's 'Ragi' post..

A few weeks back, my husband brought home 2 cans of Almond-Coconut milk. I was surprised and when asked for the reason, he says "I just thought you might put it into good use and I will get something new to eat". Silence from my side :).

That's when I made this kheer and a few more (yet to be posted) which were enjoyed by all of us. To be honest, the kids didn't take to this kheer as much as I would have loved them to enjoy but that was to be expected. As I mentioned earlier, unless ragi is disguised it doesn't entice my kids. But my passion for millets is unwavering !

Ingredients - 

Almond Coconut Milk 3 cups
Ragi Vermicelli 1 cup
Jaggery 1/4 cup or more for a sweeter tooth
Almond and Cashew crushed 1/4 cup

Method Of Preparation -

Heat the jaggery in a tablespoon of water and let it melt. Remove the impurities and set aside.

Boil the milk and add the ragi vermicelli and let it cook through. [2 minutes was good enough.]

Add in the almonds and cashews. Also add the melted jaggery.

Let it simmer for a few minutes and remove from heat.

Garnish with roasted cashews and serve it warm.

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 68

Preparation Time 25 minutes
Serves 3-4


  1. The combination of almond coconut milk and ragi vermicelli sounds so yum..

  2. Haha!! Well we too get to see some yummy food with almond coconut milk!! I will have to look out for it in the store. Kheer looks yummy!!

  3. I am like one of your kids:))...even I would eat it if disguised...though I am a big big fan of kheers..probably I could try and grow up a little.

  4. Priya Suresh Says:
  5. Such a super delicious vegan kheer, i can have a huge bowl without any fuss. Beautifully done.

  6. Srividhya Says:
  7. Great idea to use Ragi vermecilli. You keep rocking with your millet recipes man.

  8. Kalyani Says:
  9. Rage, Vegan, Jaggery - all the goodness of that world in one tempting bowl :) bring that on .. I always think savoury with any kind of vermicilli- ఈ పాయసం చాలా బాగుంది

  10. Pavani Says:
  11. We just saw the coconut almond milk you are talking about and my husband was adding me if I wanted to buy. I had to say no because it's no containers and it'll take me forever to complete if the family doesn't like it :-)
    Ragi Semya Payasam sounds interesting and delicious.

  12. Suma Gandlur Says:
  13. This delicious vegan kheer is one rocking combo of healthy ingredients.

  14. What a combination of ingredients. Love the healthy kheer.

  15. Archana Says:
  16. LOL seems like we are in for a treat too. Delicious kheer.

  17. Smruti Ashar Says:
  18. Delicious looking kheer you got there!!

  19. Delicious kheer!! yup kids take time to adjust to the taste of ragi in particular because of its earthy flavor!!! neverthless that doesn't stop us from trying!! :)

  20. Srivalli Says:
  21. What fantastic combination and looks so sinful yaar!..I don't think I have used ragi vermicelli this way..very nice!

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