Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder

BM #74 Week 3 Day 3 -

The dessert in the series of Holi Specials this week, is this mouth watering Gulab Jamun made with milk powder. I have been pushing this off for many years now. 

Just the other day my husband pointed out that I hadn't posted the regular Gulab Jamun yet. So I took the opportunity to make these and shared with friends.

Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder

Recipe Source here
Ingredients - 

Milk Powder 1 cup
All Purpose Flour / Maida 1/4 cup
Ghee / Vegetable Oil 1 Tbsp
Salt a pinch
Baking Soda a pinch
Yogurt 2-3 Tbsp
Oil/Ghee For Deep Frying
For the Sugar Syrup - 
Sugar 1 1/2 cups
Water 2 cups
Cardamom Powder 1/4 tsp

Gulab Jamun With Milk Powder

Method Of Preparation -
Prepare the Sugar Syrup - In a pan, heat the sugar and water until the syrup comes to a rolling boil and the syrup gets a little sticky. Set aside making sure it stays warm.

To Prepare the Gulab Jamuns - In a mixing bowl, add the milk powder, flour, salt, baking powder and ghee/oil and mix well until the ghee/oil is incorporated well into the mixture.

Add in yogurt little by little and knead gently to form a soft dough. Don't knead too much.

Heat a wok/kadai with oil/ghee in it. 

Pinch equal portions of the dough and gently make required sized balls and gently slide them into the hot oil. 

Fry them on low heat until they are uniformly brown all over.

Remove them and dunk them in the sugar syrup.

Serve warm or chilled as per preference.


Preparation Time 


  1. Namratha Says:
  2. Wow those look good enough to pop in the mouth right now.. yummy!

  3. Rafeeda AR Says:
  4. This is one dish I have been wanting to do since long as well but somehow not getting the courage too... Looks just perfect!

  5. Priya Suresh Says:
  6. Succulent and super juicy jamuns, irresistible they are.

  7. Jayashree Says:
  8. These look so soft, juicy and just right.

  9. Super soft and juicy gulab jamuns.My all time favorite.

  10. Priya Vj Says:
  11. Simply delicious looking and eye catching color of the jamuns...makes me feel like eating right away.

  12. Pavani Says:
  13. Perfectly made jamuns Harini. Very tempting.

  14. Sowmya :) Says:
  15. These gulab jamuns look soft and delicious!

  16. Suma Gandlur Says:
  17. Those soft and fluffy jamuns look quite tempting.

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