Jonna Rotte

Blogging Marathon initiated by Srivalli is here again for this month. The theme I have picked out for the 1st week is 'Whole Grain Dishes'. So look out for some healthy whole grain recipes for the next week.

As a child, I used to occasionally sneak out to the farmer's house near my grandparent's farm and used to enjoy the jowar rotis prepared by the farmer's wife. She used to specifically keep some jaggery, jowar roti and sugarcane for me. Those were the days....

In the later years, these jowar rotis were virtually forgotten as they were never prepared at home. But a couple of years after I got married, I saw my MIL sending some jowar to the local flour mill. I was wondering if my MIL would make Jowar rotis and she said she would indeed. She then taught me an easy way to enjoy these earthy rotis. 

Traditionally these rotis are patted on the palms of both the hands using the jowar flour for dusting and the kitchen counter would be all 'flour-y'. But this method is a no-nonsense one. 

So for Day 1 BM #14, here is the recipe for Jonna Rotte or Jowar ki Roti.

Ingredients - 

Jowar Flour 2 cups
Salt as needed 
Water 2 cups
Oil 2 tsp 

Special implements used - Puri Press or a tortilla maker
*Freshly milled jowar flour yields the best results!

Jonna Rotte
Jonna rotte with Gongura Pacchadi and Methi Dal
Method Of Preparation -

In a sauce pan, boil 2 cups of water adding salt as needed.

Reduce the heat and add the jowar flour. Mix it briskly so there are no lumps formed and remove from fire. Cover with a lid and let the dough cool down for a few minutes.

When the dough is safe to handle, knead the dough with your hands and pinch lime sized portion for each roti.

Grease 2 plastic sheets (I cut a zip lock cover into 2 pieces and used them), place them between the puri press / tortilla maker and press them into circular discs (rotis).

Heat a griddle and carefully transfer the pressed dough on to the griddle and let it cook for a couple minutes. Flip it and cook the underside as well. 

I cook the flipped roti on a phulka pan and place it directly on the fire to get the authentic feel. If the flour is fresh, the rotis will puff out like a phulka. 

Remove when cooked through and store it a roti warmer. This will make sure the rotis are soft after a while.

Continue the process for the rest of the dough.

Enjoy with any dal/curry of your choice. Traditionally the farmers eat this with green chillies, onion and jaggery. I didn't dare. :)

Check to see what the fellow marathoners are cooking for BM #14.

Sending this to "HITS ~Fiber Rich Foods" happening at Spicy Treats.

Preparation Time 1 hour
Makes 20 3-4 inch rotis.
Posted by Harini R on Friday, March 16, 2012


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. I would like to prepare this at home one day!...looks awesome!

  3. Sangeetha M Says:
  4. My Grandmom make this roti for our evening tiffin with some onions/chilli to the flour n make similar rotis...very tasty n healthy one...your roti,gongura pachadi n methidal are wholesome healthy filling lunch...looks too good!
    Plz link your wholegrain recipes to my event(if interested)...Thanks!
    Spicy Treats
    OnGoing Event:kitchen Chronicles - Summer Splash
    Ongoing Event : HITS~Fiber Rich Foods

  5. Jayanthi Says:
  6. Very nice Harini. The rotis are looking really good.

  7. Kanan Says:
  8. wow. I never made roti from jowar flour. must be tasting superb.

  9. Srivalli Says:
  10. I love jonna roti and my mil makes it so well..your pictures surely makes me want to ask to make again..

  11. Simply delicious and fulfilling Akki Rotis. Wonderfully prepared.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  12. Aarthi Says:
  13. i have never made roti with jowar..will try this soon

  14. Spicy-Aroma Says:
  15. delicious jowar have made them perfectly..will try your recipe :)

  16. Degchi Says:
  17. Nice post.I have grown up eating jawar, makai and bajra roti as I am from Rajasthan. I miss them here in US they taste best when they are made with freshly grounded flour.

  18. preeti garg Says:
  19. very healthy and lite bread

  20. Nisha Says:
  21. I really wanted to learn to do this , your roti looks perfect

  22. rajani Says:
  23. I have never had these before, but they look very nice.

  24. vidhas Says:
  25. Have never tried jpwar roti. Looks delicious.

  26. Anusha Says:
  27. oh this makes me feel so nostalgic.. lovely

  28. veena Says:
  29. Harini.....I love jallada rotti and chutney pudi...yummmm...Seeing your pics, i would love to have them now:-)

  30. roti looks really wonderful.iam this tastes awesoem...perfectly marking.....

  31. Nice healthy rotis...

  32. Padmajha Says:
  33. I have never made these rotis. Are they soft like our regular chapathi?

  34. Unknown Says:
  35. Wow Harini you made them perfect and nice round shape Love to have them with spicy pickle yumm mouthwatering....

  36. Sriya Says:
  37. first time here ...glad to follow you ...very yummy and tempting jonna rotti...
    visit my blog

  38. Suma Gandlur Says:
  39. Good one Harini.

  40. Uma Says:
  41. Looks so tempting and delicious. Nice dish.
    Uma@Trendy Relish

  42. Perfect with spicy pickle!!!! Looks yum n healthy!!!

  43. Kalyani Says:
  44. ooh ! this soooo reminds me of Northern Karnataka dish...replete with onion and chillies :)

    thanks for sharing the easy version using Puri Press !

    Sizzling Tastebuds
    Event : Holi Fest – Colourful Palette
    Event : Bake Fest # 5

  45. Amit gupta Says:
  46. I like Jowar among other grains as it is healthy and i can easily prepare Healthy plain Jowar roti for complete nutrition.

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