Nut And Legume Powder

For Day 2, Week 1 of BM #46, here is one of my little one's favorite lunch box item. I have only recently started making this Protein rich powder when my aunt suggested it.

At home, I love this podi with rice and Rasam, while my little one loves it as is. My older one adds this podi to almost anything and everything she eats with rice :). So it is an absolute essential on my dining table.

Garnish with a few roasted cashews,  add a few pieces of fruit and juice to make it a complete meal for the wee ones. I typically don't make this spicy so I can mix in relatively more podi and less ghee to bump up the protein content.


Ingredients - 

Chickpeas 2 Tbsp
Red Lentils 2 Tbsp
Red Kidney Beans 2 Tbsp
Pinto Beans 2 Tbsp
Baby Lima Beans 2 Tbsp
Whole Urad Dal 2 Tbsp
Whole Mung Beans 2 Tbsp
Kala Chana 2 Tbsp
Peanuts 2 Tbsp
Sesame Seeds 2 Tbsp
Flax Seeds 2 Tbsp
Coconut Powder 2 Tbsp
Salt, Sugar and Red Chillies as needed

Feel free to add or remove, increase of decrease any of the legumes/nuts as per your preference. I just happened to have these legumes in my pantry.

Nut And Legume Powder

Method Of Preparation -

Dry roast all the ingredients separately until they each give out a nice aroma.

Let them all cool and then Powder the mixture.

Store in an air tight container. 

Mix it in steaming hot rice with a dollop of ghee.

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Linking to Susan and Lisa's MLLA#77 hosted by Mireille.

Preparation Time 15 min
Makes 2 cups of powder (approx)


  1. This is one protein rich podi. Bookmarking the recipe.

  2. Your protein packed powder sounds great. Should taste great with rice and ghee.

  3. Srividhya Says:
  4. very healthy powder.. :-) bookmarking this

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. wow such an healthy and tempting podi .. Wud love to have them with steamed rice !!

  7. Priya Suresh Says:
  8. Love the additions of nuts here, wat a brilliant idea to sneak nuts, excellent powder Harini.

  9. Unknown Says:
  10. That is a power packed and protein rich podi healthy recipe...

  11. Priya Says:
  12. healthy powder ..really nice

  13. Pavani Says:
  14. What an amazing mix of ingredients you got there Harini. I'm going to make this podi for my kids soon. Bookmarked!!!

  15. reminds me of our methkut...i would love to try this

  16. Srivalli Says:
  17. Thank you Harini, that's surely one healthy podi..will be making it myself mom's podi is mostly with 3 lentils and quite spicy..this sounds as good as that!

  18. That powder is amazing...a must try.

  19. Unknown Says:
  20. Lovely idea..A great health pack powder..will try definitely.

  21. Unknown Says:
  22. Very interesting mix of lentils. This powder is healthy & awesome.

  23. veena Says:
  24. Protein packed powder!Must try

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