Weekend lunches in my childhood were always special. Amma used to make her famous Bisi Bela Bath or Vangi Bath or Alu Bath or Mixed Vegetable Bath, Rasam and Curd Rice and not to forget the various vadiyams(fryums) and appadams(papads). So we are used to eating fryums as part of elaborate lunches or over weekends when there is something special being cooked. Needless to say they form an integral part of festive or ceremonial meals. They definitely add a different dimension to the mundane looking food at times :)

That said, I have not been successful in making vadiyams on my own until recently. My MIL on her last trip gave me the idea of sun drying the vadiyams in the car (details at the end of the post). I was astonished at her idea and my dear husband even ridiculed and laughed at that idea. But her thought process was very adaptive to the circumstances and focused too. So she went ahead with my assistance to dry vadiyams  in the car and lo! they were dried to perfection!! When S was served these vadiyams along with a weekend lunch, he had to bite back his words much to my amusement!! The conversation at the table was worth recording for future generations to have fun!!
My first attempt at making these at home all by myself was rewarded by compliments by my family :)
This forms part of the BM#8 for Day 4 under the theme 'Condiments'. Also check for the other marathoners here.

Biyyam Vadiyalu
Deep fried Vadiyams before they disappeared!

Ingredients - 

Rice Flour 1 cup
Salt as needed
Jeera/Cumin seeds Powdered 1 tsp
Hing 1/4 tsp
Water 2 1/2 cups

Oil for deep frying

Note that this quantity is very small and these vadiyams would be sufficient for 8 people or a single sitting. Since I was attempting it for the first time and the weather here is known to throw surprises every hour, I didn't have the nerve to make a bigger batch :)

Biyyam Vadiyalu
Perfectly sun dried Vadiyams

Method Of Preparation - 

Boil water in a sauce pan and add salt, cumin powder and Hing.

Reduce the heat and gradually add the rice flour while mixing to avoid lumps.

Remove from fire and cover the pan with the lid to enable the steam to cook the rice flour further.

After about 10 minutes, knead the rice flour dough to a soft and smooth dough.

Prepare some thick plastic sheets or a white clean cloth and spread them in the sun. If preparing this in the shade make appropriate arrangements to carry the delicate plastic sheet or the cloth onto the sunlit area.

Biyyam Vadiyalu
Ready to be dried in the car

Fill in the Murukku / Chakli press with the dough and press out chaklis of desired shape on the cloth or plastic sheet.

Once the dough is all used up place these sheets filled with the fryums in direct sun light for at least 48 hrs. making sure these fryums are sun dried on both the sides.

Store them in zip lock covers until further use.

Under the circumstances, I was unable to dry them in direct sun light. So I put these sheets in my car which is parked outside with the windows rolled up. I am told that in peak summer, when the outside temperatures are above 85 F, the temperature inside a closed car parked in the sun has a temperature up to 120F. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of that information but I can be sure that these fryums had sufficient heat to dry up perfectly! So for those of you living under the conditions where you cannot sun dry as we would do back home in India, this is an option to consider. Don't you all agree??

To serve these yummy fryums, deep fry these dried vadiyams and serve with sambar and rice or Bisi Bele Bath. My kids had this for a snack!

Sending these to Srivalli's Condiment Mela.

Preparation Time 1 hr
Makes 8 servings (approx)
Posted by Harini on Friday, August 26, 2011


  1. wow wow..In generali like any kind of vadams. I inspire the way you have tried them.Amazing.

  2. I luv this light crispers...Thanks for the recipe

  3. Sobha Shyam Says:
  4. these rice fryums are looking so crispy and yummy...sure they will disappear in no time..

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. last year around this time..I was making vadiyalu on my deck....now no place to even make them! ..:( missing it!....tho i have them stored for now!....urs look crispy and delish!

  7. Vardhini Says:
  8. Reminds me of childhood days where we used to help lay this in the terrace. Yummy.

    Check out my 100th post giveaway.
    Current Event: Herbs and Flowers - Garlic

  9. Pavani Says:
  10. Drying vadiyalu in the car is a genius idea (can't help laughing thinking about driving around with vadiyalu drying in the car!!)..
    I would love to try these, but not sure if summer is still going to linger around or if fall is almost here. But will definitely try next year.. bookmarked..

  11. grt job doing them at home...i have a recipe which uses the fresh rice vermicilli...just after removing from the press...will post that soon.

  12. soujanya Says:
  13. Drying in car...u r absolutely right...:)
    coming to vadiyams these are my fav....as a snack,etc
    urs looks simply grt..

  14. Lovely and crispy looking wadiyalu dear. Loving the look of the clicks.

  15. Fritters look so crispy and inviting. Would love to dip it in rasam and relish it.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  16. It looks like a lot of work! Love the fritters. Would go well with kaara kuzhambhu!

  17. Kalyani Says:
  18. oh !! Bisi bele bhath with these vadaams is surely an indulgence.. loved the idea of drying them in a car !!:-)

  19. Unknown Says:
  20. Great idea Drying out in the car!!!Looks delicious.

  21. Deeksha Says:
  22. Love these homemade crispies....

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. That's a superb idea....those fritters look crispy....

  25. Priya Suresh Says:
  26. Love this fryums with BBB, looks super prefect,feel like munching some..

  27. Rajani Says:
  28. Looks yummy! you can even put this under 'made from scratch' right :)?

  29. Prathima Rao Says:
  30. Crispy rice fritters with rasam & rice is my fav!!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  31. jayasree Says:
  32. We call it omapodi karuvadam. Love it anytime. Drying vadam in car is a great idea..

  33. Aha tempting and crispy rice frittrs.

  34. Suma Gandlur Says:
  35. Meeru cheppina car drying idea gurthundi. But large quantity chesetappudu kudaradhu kadha? Next year choodali.
    Last year I prepared all kinds of vadiyalu but somehow did not post everything. This year I thought giving a break since I have leftovers.

  36. Archana Says:
  37. Wow you are a genius. Drying them in the car!

    I used to make these out of bombay rava. Not made in ages. Will dry them in the car too. Thanks for the tip.

    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  38. Wonderful recipe.. awesome job.. love it :)
    Indian Cuisine

  39. Srivalli Says:
  40. I love these so much!..looks so cute..thanks for the entries Harini..:)

  41. Anonymous Says:
  42. Lovely blog with lots of good recipes.

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