What do you crave for on a wet, pleasant, rainy weekend evening? I for one would be happy to curl in the couch sipping hot masala chai and munching on some crunchy, sinfully tasty, deep fried goodies watching the rain drenching all my plants !! Does it not remind you of many an evening back home when mom used to dish out such goodies in moment's notice? Oh, gone are those days....now it is my turn to satisfy such cravings of my family!!

And you bet that's what I did over the past weekend when it was pouring cats and dogs in my neck of the woods. I had some bread slices begging to be used up and the weather demanded some indulgence and I came up with these spicy bondas (the kids had a different non-spicy version!) which vanished without notice!!

Alu-Bread Bonda

Ingredients -

Bread slices 4 (or as needed)
Alu/Potato peeled, boiled and mashed 1 cup
Salt as per taste
Ginger 1 inch
Garlic 1-2 cloves
Coriander leaves 2 Tbsp
Fennel / Sonf 1/2 tsp
Green Chillies 1-2 or as needed
For The Batter - 
Besan 1/4 cup
Corn Flour 1/4 cup
Salt as needed
Red Chilli Powder as needed
Baking Soda a pinch
Oil for deep frying as needed

* Feel free to alter the spices as per preference / availability.
Method Of Preparation -

Make a paste of green chillies, ginger, garlic and coriander leaves and set aside.

In a mixing bowl, add the mashed potato, salt, the above paste and fennel seeds.

Powder the bread slices and add it to the potato mixture and knead into a stiff dough.

Roll small portions of the potato-bread mixture into bite size balls and set aside.

In another mixing bowl, add the ingredients to make the batter. Gradually add water to make a batter thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.

Heat the required oil in a wok/kadai. (Test by dropping a little batter and if it sizzles and rises to the top, the oil is at the right temperature). 

Alu-Bread Bonda

When the oil is just hot enough, dip each ball of potato-bread mixture in the batter and gently slide in the hot oil. Add as many as your wok can handle without overcrowding. Keep turning them around so they get evenly browned on all sides.

After the bondas are uniformly cooked/browned, remove them with a slotted ladle on to kitchen towels for the oil to drain. Repeat the process for the remaining mixture.

Enjoy as is or with ketchup on a rainy day!!

Preparation Time 40  min 
Makes 12-14 bite sized bondas


  1. Sobha Shyam Says:
  2. very yummy n delicious bonda, a wonderful snack..

  3. Shanavi Says:
  4. Looks crispy n YUMMMM

  5. Delicious and lovely looking aloo bonda. Great preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Radhika Says:
  7. I too posted a bonda recipe. lovely and crispy

    Event: Let's Cook – Subzis for Rotis


  9. Indian Khana Says:
  10. You just have to pass that platter here ..yum

  11. Unknown Says:
  12. perfect bondas for this rainy season!


  13. Mugdha Says:
  14. tasty bondas...will try it soon..:)

  15. Wow! I love it. Delicious & tempting :)

  16. Prema Says:
  17. Very tempting snack,delicious bonda...

  18. Unknown Says:
  19. crisp and delicious bondas :)

  20. Archana Says:
  21. Sigh gone are those days when my only job was eating and being the demand list!!

    Reminds me of my mum's delicious bondas.

  22. Great munch... Thanks for sending over to the event!

  23. Sia Says:
  24. its looks quite tempting enough but only concern is the amount of oil gets absorbed due to bread slices used! but i guess we need to forget abt calories once in a while and just enjoy these goodies!

  25. Prathima Rao Says:
  26. Makes for a crispy & tasty snack!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  27. divya Says:
  28. Slurpp!! Delicious platter..Drooling here.

  29. Sometimes having these kind of oil fried yummies r not a mistake..love these..

  30. Unknown Says:
  31. Absolutely love adding bread to the aloo bonda :)

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