Wondering what this Buckwheat flour is? Up until this recipe, trust me I have never ever used Buckwheat Flour. I must admit that I did see Kuttu flour in the grocery shelves but never bothered to find out what it was. Later when I saw some buckwheat pancake recipes on the web, I was intrigued. 

That's when I read about Buckwheat and came to know that it is nutrient rich and is a good bet for lowering cholesterol, controlling Diabetes etc..  For in depth nutritional analysis check here. Note that it is also gluten-free. Therefore it needs a binding agent like some starch.

In this recipe I have used boiled and mashed potato to do the job. I added rice flour as an after thought as I wasn't sure if it would retain the shape. But later on I realized that it wasn't necessary.

It was a nice change from the regular murukku and I felt they were a little addictive too (all types of murukku are addictive, right?)

Check out the recipe as part of Day 7 themed 'Under 5 Ingredients' of this session of BM#8. I will be back again tomorrow for the next round of the marathon with the same set of two themes. So until then, enjoy these chaklis!!

Kuttu Flour Murukku

Ingredients -

1. Kuttu Flour (Buckwheat flour) 2 cups
2. Potato boiled, mashed 1 cup
3. Rice Flour 1 cup
4. Mirchi Powder 1 tsp
5a. Salt as needed
5b. Oil For Deep Frying (2 Tbsp of hot oil for the dough too)

Method Of Preparation - 

In a mixing bowl, add the Kuttu flour, rice flour, mashed potato, salt and mirchi powder. Mix well until there are no lumps of potato in the flour. Rub in hot oil and mix well. 
Add water gradually to make a soft dough. 

Fill in the murukku press with the dough (I used the star plate).

Heat oil in a deep pan and this time around I made small star shaped spirals of dough with the press on parchment paper and then gently slid into hot oil.

Fry them until they get a golden brown hue. Drain them onto kitchen paper towels. Repeat the process with the rest of the dough.

Store in an air tight container upon cooling. 

Kuttu Flour Murukku

Check to see what my fellow marathoners are up to in this edition BM #8.

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Condiments - 
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Sending these to Saffronstreaks's 'Monsoon Medley' and Denny's 'Serve it - Fried' started by Krithi.
Preparation Time 1 hr
Makes approx 4-5 cups 


  1. Priya Suresh Says:
  2. Crispy murukkus looks super prefect,fabulous buckwheat murukkus..

  3. Suman Singh Says:
  4. This is something I am going to bookmark and keep to make sometime soon..it looks great and so crispy..nice recipe..thanks for sharing!

  5. Ramya Says:
  6. i love all kinds of chaklis and your pics make me crave for one..

  7. Lovely muruku.. nice addition of potatoes..

  8. crisp n lovely chaklis....

  9. divya Says:
  10. wow so yumm n crispy .. my hubby fav...

  11. Unknown Says:
  12. wow awesome healthy and very crispy...

  13. Vatsala. Says:
  14. Very innovative...chakli with kuttu flour. Bookmarked it dear.

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    Event - FSF Janmashtami and Ganesh Chturthi

  15. Usha Says:
  16. Interesting! Murukulu look perfect

  17. Very crispy and crunchy looking Murukkus. Looks delicious.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  18. Uma Says:
  19. Looks so tempting and delicious.

  20. Nice n healthy one..:)loved d twist

  21. Nice n healthy one..:)loved d twist

  22. Aarthi Says:
  23. This looks too good....Yummy one...Thanks for the recipe

  24. Kalyani Says:
  25. looks yum ! and seriously addicitve.. very new adding potato to murukku flour..

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    Event: healthy Lunchbox ideas – Carrots – all this August

  26. Unknown Says:
  27. WOW!!!!Lovely yet to try out with potatoes.

  28. Sushma Says:
  29. this is one of my all time fav looks crispy and yummy

  30. wow so crispy flavorful i hv to try this addition of potatoes..

  31. Prathima Rao Says:
  32. Nice, crispy, new & healthy chakkuli!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  33. Srivalli Says:
  34. wow I must say murukku with any flour will be addictive ..:))..even I haven't tried this flour must remember to pick it up next time..

  35. Indrani Says:
  36. Crispy, crunchy murukkus with buckwheat, wow..very innovative, a healthy snack

  37. Anu Says:
  38. It looks so perfect..and delicious..

  39. soujanya Says:
  40. crispy murukulu...looking cute

  41. Suma Gandlur Says:
  42. They look perfectly crisp as the regular chaklis.

  43. wow, next time I get the bagfull of buckwheat from my son's nanny, who apparently has a farm full of it, I know what I am making out of it. Would it be very hard to bite for a 2 year old?

  44. Amazing recipe.. you rock dear :)
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