Cheesy Spicy Pull Apart Loaf

Day 20 BM #51 - 

I have been eyeing this pull part bread load for a long time now. I wanted to make a savory version and found many many variations on the web. 

To make my life simple, I pulled out the store bought Green Chutney and used it as a filling. I am sure I am going to bake this loaf with many different fillings in the near future. 

The little one thought it was a little too spicy for her and so she enjoyed it with some Nutella spread on the slices! She says Nutella makes everything taste so much better :) The other extreme was my husband who dipped the bread in a spicy Andhra Mango pickle :)

Cheesy Spicy Pull Apart Loaf

Adapted from here
Ingredients - 

Bread Flour 3 cups
Butter 2 Tbsp
Warm Milk 1/2 cup + 2/3 cup
Sugar 1 tsp
Active Dry Yeast 2 tsp
Salt 1 tsp
Garlic, grated 1 tsp
For the Filling - 
Butter 1 Tbsp
Green Chutney 2-3 Tbsp
Red Chili Flakes as needed
Cheese, shredded 1/2 cup [I used Cheddar cheese]

Cheesy Spicy Pull Apart Loaf

Method Of Preparation -

In 1/2 cup of warm milk, dissolve sugar and sprinkle yeast. Set aside in a warm place to activate the yeast.

In a stand mixer bowl or a mixing bowl, sift the flour, salt, melted butter and add the grated garlic.

Add in the yeast solution to the flour and knead adding more warm milk as needed to form a soft and pliable dough.

Oil a bowl and roll the dough in the oiled bowl, cover and set aside until the dough is doubled [about 1 1/2 hours].

Dust a work surface with a little flour. Punch down the doubled dough and stretch and roll it into a square about 11 x 11 or 12 x 12.

Brush with butter all over the square dough surface. Spread the green chutney as needed all over. Sprinkle cheese and red pepper flakes as needed. (I forgot to sprinkle the red pepper flakes here instead I topped the flakes after the bread was baked :) )

Make about 2 inch strips of the square dough. I used a pizza cutter to do the job.

Cheesy Spicy Pull Apart Loaf -  Prep

Layer each of the strips, one on top of another. Now slice the pile into 2-3 inch squares.

Place the slices, cut side down in a greased (I lined with parchment paper) loaf pan (I used a 10 x 5).

Cheesy Spicy Pull Apart Loaf -  Prep

Cover and set aside in a warm place for a second rise. I left it for an hour. Brush the top with milk.

Preheat the oven to 375 °F. Bake it in the center rack for about 35 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

Brush with melted butter and pull apart the slices and enjoy!

Preparation Time 25 min + Resting Time 2 hrs + Baking Time 35 min
Makes a 9 x 4 loaf
Posted by Harini R on Thursday, April 23, 2015


  1. Pavani Says:
  2. That is such a tempting loaf. Anything with pesto and cheese sounds so delicious.

  3. That is once delicious bread. I was laughing reading about the two extremes.

  4. Suma Gandlur Says:
  5. I am loving the texture of that loaf. Your younger one is right but my daughter who is a chocolate fanatic surprisingly doesn't touch Nutella. :)

  6. I love the way you have folded the loaf . The chutney cheese is definitely tempting! Would love to have a bite.

  7. Cheesy goodness. These look amazing and I craving for it now!!yumm

  8. Srivalli Says:
  9. I have made a similar bread with homemade chutney and it was so delicious..your loaf looks awesome Harini..

  10. Priya Suresh Says:
  11. Dont tempt us like this, this pull apart loaf looks simply out of the world Harini.

  12. Kalyani Says:
  13. Between Nutella and mango pickle this bread looks so delish . At first thought it was a braided bread .. Such a lovely filling

  14. Srividhya Says:
  15. wow pesto and cheese pull apart.. drooling here.

  16. I love pull apart bread. Green chutney in the filling is a nice idea.

  17. Nice variation to the pull apart bread.

  18. Unknown Says:
  19. delicious one and so flavorful!!!

  20. What a flavourful loaf it is! Looks so yum...

  21. I have made a similar bread long time back! I love the green chutney filling idea.

  22. We too loved it when i baked for WKTB, looks delicious!! :)

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