BM #126 Week 3 Day 1 -

This week I shall highlight some popular dishes along with accompaniments for a meal.
Recently my neighbor shared her backyard Dosakaya bounty with me and I was planning to make Dosavakaya

In a casual conversation with my foodie friend, Savitri, I came to know that Dosakaya can be prepared like Mamidikaya Menthi Baddhalu. The idea was so mouth watering that I made it the very next day much to the delight of my husband.

It is best served with rice and ghee as part of a meal. 

Recipe Inspiration - my friend, Savitri
Ingredients - 

Dosakaya / Yellow Cucumber 1
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Salt 1 tsp (or to taste)
Seasoning (Oil 2 Tbsp, Mustard seeds 1.5 tsp, Urad Dal 1 tsp, Methi seeds a pinch, Asafotida 2 pinches, Red Chili Powder 1 tsp

Method Of Preparation -

Wash and dry the Dosakaya.

Finely chop the dosakaya and transfer into a ceramic (or any non-reactive metal). 

Sprinkle salt and turmeric to the finely chopped dosakaya.

Scrape out the soft pulp closer to the seeds and set aside. 

In a heated pan, add oil and prepare the seasoning.

After the urad dal is golden brown and the mustard seeds have crackled, remove from heat and allow the seasoning to cool down a little.

In a blender, add the soft dosakaya pulp set aside earlier and also the cooled down seasoning. Blend the ingredients to a smooth mixture.

Transfer the mixture to the bowl with the finely chopped dosakaya. 

Mix well and set aside for at least an hour for the flavors to  blend in.  

Serve with rice and ghee as part of a meal.


Preparation Time 15 minutes + 1 hours resting time
Makes 1.5 cups approximately
Posted by Harini R on Friday, September 17, 2021


  1. Radha Says:
  2. Absolutely delicious! I made it last year with my bounty and we loved it. I have a few dosakaya ready to be picked and am going to try your version with the soft plup blended.

  3. Suma Gandlur Says:
  4. I have given up on dosakaaya available here as they usually end up being bitter. My MIL used to make this version. It is flavorful and makes a quick pickle compared to dosavakkaya.

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