My kids love Blueberries, Blueberry Yogurt, Blueberry Muffins and anything which has blueberries. So I always end up getting these muffins from the grocery store. I have also been looking all over the internet for an eggless version. Thats when I bumped into this recipe and was pretty impressed by the texture depicted in the picture. 

On a weekend, when I had two pestering kids on hand and a dinner to attend, baking seemed a distant reality! On the other hand, I wanted to take these muffins for the dinner hosts as their kids were fond lovers of muffins too. (Who can resist these delicious muffins?) So I thought I would engage the fussy kids in the baking activity thereby getting my work done. So in a way, this recipe was a winner at home. The kids were glowing all over as they got to help Mom bake muffins and eat them too! Kids loved eating these! (My little one was peeping into the kitchen every other minute to check on these muffins..she wouldn't wait for them to cool down was a tough job well done!!)

I made very small changes like reducing the butter and increasing the milk. 

Special mention - My little one helped me assemble all the ingredients on the kitchen table which was the activity center for us!! My older one did the rest of mixing and pouring jobs!

Eggless Blueberry Muffins
Ingredients - 
Dry Ingredients - 
Maida 2 cups
Sugar 2/3 cup
Baking Powder 1 Tbsp
Salt 1/2 tsp

Wet Ingredients -
Butter Melted 1/3 cup
Milk 3/4 cup
Blueberry Yogurt 1 cup 

(Ordinary yogurt/curds should be fine too I guess..kindly correct me if I am wrong)
Vanilla Extract 1 tsp

Blueberries 1 tsp (I used frozen blueberries)

Eggless Blueberry Muffins

Method Of Preparation - 

In a mixing bowl, add all the dry ingredients and whisk well. [All the ingredients were measured by the kids under my watchful eye]. 

In another bowl, add all the wet ingredients and mix well. [ I did this for them :)]

Mix the wet and dry ingredients until combined well. My older one loved to lend some hand here!

Gently fold in the blueberries into the batter.

Eggless Blueberry Muffins

Preheat the oven to 350F. 

Line the muffin plate with paper cups. This is the most loved job by the kids.

With an ice cream scoop, divide the batter equally into the muffin cups.

Bake for about 35 - 40 min or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Disclaimer - Please be prepared to clean up lot of messes!!

Packing these delicious bakes to two events happening at Versatile Kitchen
 1. Bake off and also
 2.  Kid's delight (Restaurant recreation) started by Srivalli .


Preparation Time 15 min + Baking Time 35 min
Makes 12 muffins (regular size)
Posted by Harini on Thursday, February 17, 2011


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. Look Awesome......

  3. Champa Says:
  4. It is so sweet that your kid helped you make it. Thanks for a super fast entry.

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. u and your kids did a wonderful job! kids r crazy about muffins too...but more like chocolate chip.

  7. swapna Says:
  8. Delicious muffins...kudos to ur kids!!

  9. Mina Joshi Says:
  10. Your kids did a great job

  11. Priya Suresh Says:
  12. WOnderful job, so sweet kids..Muffins looks marvellous and super delicious..

  13. Shanavi Says:
  14. Good job by ur kids

  15. Unknown Says:
  16. well done harini..ur kids did a wonderful one

  17. Muffins look awesome. Kids would love them.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  18. Kurinji Says:
  19. Sooooo soft muffins....

  20. They came out very nice..looks so delicious

  21. Padmajha Says:
  22. Such a nice activity for kids. I too love blueberries in any form..These muffins are so tempting...

  23. Archana Says:
  24. Hey these are lovely. Will try them out.

  25. Chitra Says:
  26. Nice muffins. iam searching for muffin tray :)

  27. Unknown Says:
  28. They look superb dear, love muffins :)

  29. divya Says:
  30. looks awesome and delicious...

  31. Unknown Says:
  32. Such a lovely kids you have and great job dear muffins looks so soft and delicious.

  33. Padma Says:
  34. Looks so lovely.

  35. Yamuna Says:
  36. hello
    today i try this recipe but it's a failure.
    i want know where it went wrong ,so please help me next time i will correct.
    i prepared with half quantity of the ingredients.
    i just mixed liq. ingredients(vanilla, sugar, yogurt(plain) and clarified butter)
    i mixed with steal spoon until sugar dissolved in to yogurt.
    and slowly added dry ingredients (shifted 3 times) it become very thick paste.
    i preheated the oven.
    scooped dough in to muffin liners even though 40 min(350). over the muffins didn't raised but not sticking to tooth pic.
    but it ended up with light brown color dough only .
    sorry for the lengthy mail but we love blue berry muffins.
    thanks in advance

  37. Harini Says:
  38. Hey Yamuna, I can think of a few things which might have gone wrong with your trials.
    1.Did you check the validity of baking powder and /or Baking soda?
    2. Because you have used the regular yogurt and not blueberry yogurt, the proportion of baking powder might be the issue too?
    Check those and let me know. Thanks for letting me know about your experience. You can also email me at

  39. Anonymous Says:
  40. Thank Harini for your prompt reply.
    i will cross check once ,try again and let you know the result.
    Happy weekend.

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