Here is the Round up of the first ever edition of 'Design A Menu'. We sincerely appreciate all the creative menus that have been sent to us. I am sure we will be checking each of them when we are in need of menu ideas (which is almost every day, right?). 

We understood that the rules of the event were a little confusing and many of you had a tough time in adhering to the rules. We apologize to some participants whose entries had to be rejected because they didn't follow the rules. I hope the future editions will bring in more clarity in the rules and many more friends will join in the event.

Coming to the menus/entries, some of them were the forgotten ones whereas some were so very common that we ended up ignoring them :). There were a few interesting/novel creations too. So without much ado, lets jump in to see what menus are spread out from each of the participants. They are listed in the order we received.

Design A Menu
1. Priya
Appetizer - Onion and Oats soup
Main Course - Sorrakaya Pappu/Bottlegourd Dal,  Okra curry, Spinach Masiyal
Dessert - Oats,Apple and Wheat flour Halwa 

2. Lubna Karim
Starter/Appetizer - Oats Soup or Dahi-Chawal Ki Tikki
Mani Course - Roti + Bhendi Ka Salan, Palak Poori , Plain white rice + Ghee + Tomato dal
DessertCustard with Apple(s) and Banana(s)

3. Richa Priyanka
Appetizer - Spinach and oats soup
Main Course - Bhindi Stir fry, Toor daal with bottle gourd
Dessert - Banana halwa or apple/banana kheer

4. Gayathri Kumar
Appetizer Suraikkai Pakora
Main Course - Palak Sambar with Rice, Suraikkai & Vendaikkai Poriyal
Dessert - Eggless Oats and Apple Cheese Cake

5. Usha
Appetizer/Starter – Spinach Soup or Spinach mini quiches
Main Course – Masala Bhendi or Stuffed Okra, Bottle Gourd stew with tomatoes~sorakaya shorva, Raw Mango Pappu Chaaru or Raw mango Sambar with some plain rice and roti.
Dessert – Depending on the time, I would make either apple custard or Apple Chenna

AppetizerBottle gourd spinach soup
Main Course - Bhindi BhajaPalak Soya ChunksBottle Gourd RaitaHealthy Arhar Dal with Jack FruitRice
DessertApple-banana milk shakeSugar stuffed whole wheat  flour chapati

7. Suma
Appetizer - Lauki - Oats Tikki
Main Course - Spinach - Cashew Pulao, Bhindi Masala, Lauki Dal
Dessert - Apple Basundi

8. Madhavi
AppetizerWheat Flour Chegodilu
Main CourseBendakaya PacchadiPalak Paneer, Sorrakaya Majjiga Pulusu
Dessert - Banana-Apple Fruit Salad
9. Harini (thats me :) )

Appetizer - Palak - Onion Soup
Main Course -  Bendakaya Gojju Tomato Dal, Sorrakaya Koora / Bottle Gourd Curry
Dessert - Banana Milkshake, Oats-Apple Laddu

 If I have missed out any entries or if there are any missing links, please understand that it was not deliberate and shall be corrected if made known to us.

Here is the reminder for 'Design A Menu - 2'. The list of ingredients for the second edition are as follows -

Sweet Potato, Raw Mango, Fenugreek Leaves (Methi Leaves) 

Dals, Grains and Flours
Chana Dal (Senaga Pappu) 
Corn Flour and/or Whole Wheat Flour
Others (Usage of ingredients in this category is optional)
Onion, Tomato, Cilantro, Green Chillies, Ginger, Garlic 

For more details / rules check the Announcement Page.  
Posted by Harini on Sunday, April 17, 2011
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  1. I am not able to see the photos of some recipes dear...

  2. Priya Suresh Says:
  3. WOnderful roundup,but i cant able to see few clicks, do check dear...WIll definitley send my entries soon..

  4. Harini Says:
  5. Thanks guys, I have since rectified the problem. Please let me know if the problem persists.

  6. Unknown Says:
  7. Hi Harini, Looks like I totally missed out on the 1st design menu....hopefully I will be able to take part in the next one!
    To reply to ur comment -- > Right now There are quite a few types of artifivial sweeteners. Aspartame is not good, its comes in a pink packet and sold in brands like Equal. I never that, tho its found in chewing gums regularly.
    Splenda is not aspartame, its a derivative of sugar, i think mainly sucralose and/or fructose. These can be used instead of sugar very safely, since they are fruit sugars. Splenda can be also used in baking tho agave nectare is a very good choice :))
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. what a great roundup dear. I will try to participate for 2nd edition :)

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. Wonderful round up, but I do not see my entries either, Harini :((

  12. Suma Gandlur Says:
  13. I thought the appetizers were the challenging part since I was assuming I can not use any other ingrdients (as I told you.)This time hopefully it would be a breeze. I have already planned what to do but still need to cook. :)

  14. Soni Mishra Says:
  15. wonderful roundup :)).
    all recipes are yummy and some are new.have to try all

  16. Srivalli Says:
  17. Harini, the menu looks great!..lovely entries..

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