Sweet Pongal 2

For Day 3 of BM #36, here is a sweet pongal recipe from my mom's kitchen. Apparently this recipe is from my grandma, altered by my mom to suit her taste.

My grandma feels that the moong dal in this version is a little too much for her comfort and my mom disagrees with her. Isn't this a common disagreement arising from a generation gap? I can so identify with this sentiment :)

Ingredients - 

Rice 3/4 cup
Moong Dal 1/2 cup
Milk 2 1/2 cups
Jaggery, Powdered 1 cup (or to taste depending on the sweetness of the variety of jaggery used)
Ghee 1/4 tsp 
Cardamom Powder 1 tsp
Saffron strands few soaked in a spoon of milk (optional)
Nuts (I used Almonds and Pistachios) crushed 2 Tbsp

Method Of Preparation -

In a heated pan, add ghee and slightly roast the moong dal and set aside.

Add rice and the roasted moong dal along with the milk and pressure cook it until two hisses or 16-18 min.

Meanwhile, in a heated heavy bottomed pan, add 1/4 cup of water and the powdered jaggery. After the jaggery melts strain to remove any impurities.

After the pressure is released from the pressure cooker, set the rice-moong dal mixture aside.

In the same heavy bottomed pan (used to melt jaggery), add the clean jaggery solution and the pressure cooked rice-moong dal mixture. Let it cook for 5-6 minutes while constantly stirring.

Add the crushed nuts, soaked saffron (if using) and cardamom powder into the simmering pongal.

Keep stirring for a few more minutes and remove from fire.

Garnish with more nuts if desired and serve while still warm.

Optionally ghee can also be added to make it richer.

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 36.

Preparation Time 30 min
Serves 4-5


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. wow thats a super delicious and yummy pongal :) tempting me !!

  3. Delicious pongal! !! Yes definitely the argument and disagreement continues! !! I usually add 1/2 the moong to rice measurement.

  4. Srivalli Says:
  5. The colour looks very nice Harini..never used saffron in pongal..very lovely recipe..mine is always 1:1/2 with some channa dal as well..to rice and moong dal..should try this sometime..

  6. Pongal looks so delicious !

  7. Nice

  8. Saras Says:
  9. Yummlicious pongal!! looks very nice!!

  10. hw interesting to see this sweet version

  11. Pavani Says:
  12. Love the sweet version of Pongal, so traditional and delicious.

  13. Suma Gandlur Says:
  14. Love this traditional pongali. Yummy.

  15. Looks good.

  16. Unknown Says:
  17. Yummy

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