Chocolate Popcorn And Nuts
Day 1 Week 4 of BM #53 - 

This week I shall showcase some quick and easy to make recipes which make a delightful snack while watching movies at home.

Whats a movie night without popcorn? That is the standard question from my kids. The typical masala popcorn didn't find its place in this series but I am sure I am going to blog about it soon.

This chocolate version sure won the hearts of the kids.

Ingredients - 

Popcorn 2-3 cups
Cashews and Almonds handful each
Chocolate Chips handful
Peanut Butter 1 Tbsp
Butter 1 tsp

Chocolate Popcorn And Nuts

Method Of Preparation -

In a double boiler or a microwave safe bowl, melt the chocolate chips, peanut butter and butter to get a flowy consistency.

Spread the popcorn in a tray/mixing bowl, drizzle the chocolate sauce over it and mix until evenly coated. It is a personal preference of how much chocolate needs to be coated.

Also dip the nuts in the chocolate sauce and spread them on a parchment lined tray.

Let it cool in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

Mix up the popcorn and the nuts and it is ready to be enjoyed!

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 53. 

Preparation Time 15 min
Makes 2-3 cups


  1. Excellent idea to mix in nuts ! Makes the popcorn healthy too.

  2. Srivalli Says:
  3. Thats too good Harini, mixing in nuts tossed with chocolate! would love to munch it just as such!

  4. Sarita Says:
  5. Kids love to have this popcorn any time.Nice easy dish.

  6. praba Says:
  7. super combo nuts and popcorn..that too with will beg for this..

  8. I am sure this will be loved in my house. I will have to try it.

  9. sushma Says:
  10. Wow my son would love this.Looks yummy

  11. Kalyani Says:
  12. lovely choco-nut popocorn !

  13. What a simple recipe and so addictive!

  14. Sowmya :) Says:
  15. They look's such a creative twist to the usual popcorn!

  16. Archana Says:
  17. OOoo! This is to be done on popped corn--popcorn. Delicious.

  18. Pavani Says:
  19. Wow!! That's one amazing bowl of popcorn. My son would probably gobble up the whole thing up.

  20. sure kids would love this one!

  21. Priya Suresh Says:
  22. Just drooling here, who can resist to this popcorns..

  23. Addictive popcorns.

  24. Suma Gandlur Says:
  25. That's one kid-friendly and tempting bowl of pop corn.

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