BM #90 Week 3 Day 1 - 

This week I shall showcase some everyday lunch/dinner platters which are not so elaborate and sometimes just make-do kind of meals. 

Here I have this rich and creamy gravy with an unusual vegetable, Ridge gourd or Turai or Beerakaya. A lot of times, my lunch consists of Roti, sabji and a little bit of yogurt rice or Carrot Raitha. Though the picture doesn't show raitha, my meal is never complete without yogurt in some form. 

Ingredients - 

Beerakaya / Ridge Gourd peeled and chopped 4-5 cups
Turmeric 1/4 tsp
Salt, Red Chili Powder as needed
Seasoning (Oil 1 tsp, Chana Dal 1 tsp, Urad Dal 1 tsp, Mustard seeds 1 tsp, Curry Leaves few, Dry Red Chili)
For the Gravy - 
Oil 1 tsp
Onions 3 Tbsp
Tomatoes 1/4 cup
Green Chilies 2-3
Coriander Seeds 1/2 tsp
Cumin Seeds 1/2 tsp
Sesame Seeds 1 tsp (Optional)
Peanuts, roasted handful
Tamarind extract (thick) 1 tsp

Method Of Preparation -

For the Gravy - 
In a heated pan, add oil and roast coriander and cumin seeds. Add the sesame seeds and green chilies. Roast for a few seconds. 

Add in the onions. Saute onions until they are translucent. Add tomatoes and allow them to cook until mushy. Remove from heat.

Grind the above mixture, adding tamarind extract and roasted peanuts, to a fine paste. Set aside.

For the Curry - 
In a heated pan, add oil and the rest of the seasoning. After the mustard seeds pop and the dals are golden brown, sprinkle turmeric and transfer the chopped beerakaya. Mix well, sprinkle salt and cover.

After about 5-6 minutes, when the ridge gourd is cooked through, pour the gravy with as much water as needed. Sprinkle red chili powder as needed. Let the gravy simmer for 3-4 minutes.

Remove from heat. Serve with Roti/Rice.


Preparation Time 25-30 minutes
Serves 3-4
Posted by Harini R on Tuesday, July 17, 2018


  1. Rafeeda AR Says:
  2. Very creamy the gravy looks... awesome with rice for sure!

  3. Srivalli Says:
  4. This is a wonderful combination with Rotis or Rice, we mostly make it with Rotis. Our simple everyday meal is so balanced all the time!

  5. Gravy looks creamy and delicious.Never tried ridgegourd this way,new recipe to me..

  6. Your simple everyday meal looks delicious. The ridge gourd gravy is perfect with rice or roti.

  7. Sandhiya Says:
  8. Ridge gourd gravy looks so vibrant and creamy. I often make this as side for my rice. Delicious it is !!!

  9. I only tried ridge gourd once and did not like it but I may not have prepared it right this gravy is making me want to give it another try

  10. Priya Suresh Says:
  11. Omg how creamy this gravy looks, i love ridge gourd with peanuts, bookmarking this gravy to try soon. Lovely dish.

  12. code2cook Says:
  13. ridge gourd gravy looking so delicious, beautiful platter and a treat for tastebuds.

  14. My husband and kids don't eat ridge gourd, but this recipe of yours, I'm sure will make them fall in love with ridge gourd...bookmarking

  15. I have never cooked ridge gourd this way but it sounds super delicious. Will make it when I get fresh ridge gourd from Indian grocery.

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