BM #90 Week 4 Day 3 - 

For the third bookmarked recipe, I have chosen to highlight these waffles which the kids would love to have as an after school snack.

Here I have chosen to use up the frozen tater tots from my freezer. But I am sure grated potatoes with appropriate seasoning can be spread on the waffle iron to make these crispy waffles.

As such there is no recipe but the idea of using tater tots in a waffle form appealed to my kids.

Recipe Source - waffle maker hacks online
Ingredients - 

Tater Tots Frozen as needed
Oil to spray

Method Of Preparation -

Grease the waffle iron, arrange the frozen tater tots on the waffle iron. Close the lid and let the waffle maker do the magic.

Serve with a dipping sauce of your choice.


Preparation Time 10 minutes
Serves 2
Posted by Harini R on Thursday, July 26, 2018


  1. Srivalli Says:
  2. Wow that sounds too good. I love waffles and have been wanting to make different versions. Doing tater tot is a good twist!

  3. Cooking it in a waffle pan is a nice and healthy way to cook the tater tots.

  4. Priya Suresh Says:
  5. Wish i get frozen tater tots here, and this waffles looks absolutely irresistible. Inviting definitely.

  6. Waffle craze is among the kids here too , good the kids can work on them by themselves .

  7. code2cook Says:
  8. waffles are even my favorite snack. Love this new recipe.Great clicks.

  9. farah saleem Says:
  10. i love waffles....these waffles are a new thing to me! looks yum........:)

  11. It's a cool idea to make waffles out of tater tots. Waffles look yum 😋

  12. shweta Says:
  13. This oil-free and super-hack is useful for those busy days ! Its a day-saver for sure.

  14. preeti garg Says:
  15. Waffles looks so yum and healthy too.

  16. That is an interesting way to make tater tots in waffle maker. I am sure kids would love this innovation.

  17. what a great idea - these I have to try!

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