BM #92 Day 19 - 

Satpuro Phulko appears in a typical Sindhi breakfast platter. It is a flaky flatbread made with wheat flour and which is rolled multiple times and cooked on a hot griddle to get a crispy paratha.

There are so many different types of layered flatbreads from different parts of India but each of them has a unique way of creating the layers. These Satpuro Phulko also have a unique way of rolling. 

With today's post, we come to an end of yet another week of 'Flatbreads and more'. We will take a break for Sunday and get back on monday for the last week with letters T through Z.

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Recipe Source here
Ingredients - 

Wheat Flour 1 1/2 cups
Salt, Pepper as needed
Oil to shallow fry

Method Of Preparation -

In a mixing bowl, add the flour, salt, pepper and a teaspoon of oil. Gradually add water and knead a soft dough. Cover and set aside for a few minutes.

Divide the dough into 5-6 equal portions.

Take each portion, roll out into a 5-6 inch thin disc.

Spread oil evenly on the disc and sprinkle some dry flour. 

Using a sharp knife or a pizza cutter, cut vertical strips about 1 inch apart.

Roll one vertical strip like a jelly roll, place it on another strip and continue rolling all the strips in this fashion. (Refer picture)

Tuck the edges and roll out into slightly thicker discs using as much dusting flour as needed.

Gently place the rolled disc on a hot griddle and allow to cook. After a few bubbles appear, flip the paratha and drizzle oil as needed. Ensure both the sides are well greased and cooked thoroughly.

Repeat with the rest of the dough.

Serve hot with a spicy accompaniment.


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Preparation Time 30 minutes
Makes 5-6
Posted by Harini R on Saturday, September 22, 2018


  1. Satpuro , indeed is a very crisp and flaky paratha from Sindhi Cuisine and you have made it perfectly Harini . The paratha looks so nice and crisp and can be served with just about any curry . This same paratha can also be made with salt and red chilly powder .
    Great take on the alphabet S .

  2. Priya Suresh Says:
  3. Satpuro Phulko looks simply prefect with beatiful texture and looks flaky as well. Lovely spread there. Wish i get those incredible phulko rite now for my dinner tonite.

  4. Sowmya :) Says:
  5. That is such a unique dish Harini...never come across this before. Love that style of rolling the roti. Got to try it asap!!

  6. code2cook Says:
  7. Great that you showed the way to make layers. I was so confused in flaky, kerala parotta varqi paratha due to their style of folding. satpuro phulko came out so beautifully surely you must have enjoyed with them.

  8. This is one of my fav methods of making the layered paratha. With ghee between layers these parathas would taste amazing. You have made them so perfect..

  9. preeti garg Says:
  10. Love such type of flaky and layered paratha.. goes well with paneer gravy.

  11. Mayuri Patel Says:
  12. Flaky parathas are the best.. Harini satpuro phuklo looks yummy. You're so right that there are so many ways one can cut and fold the dough to make flaky parathas.

  13. Srivalli Says:
  14. Satpuro surely comes out great while cooking and makes a wonderful paratha. I love how the layers seem to be shown.

  15. cookwithrenu Says:
  16. This phulko looks so crisp and yum. Perfect for my morning breakfast.

  17. The Satpuro phulko looks so interesting and love this method of making the layered paratha. Needs a little bit of patience, but I am sure it will be all worth it.

  18. Padmajha Says:
  19. Yes, so many layered parathas and each of them is unique! Yours have turned out so crisp Harnini!

  20. Love this layered paratha. goes well with some dal or spicy curry

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