In the process of re-learning the English alphabet, we, as a BM group covered hundreds of flatbreads this series and each one of them is a masterpiece in its own right.

It has been a humbling experience to research and get creative with the difficult letters.  It was an eye opener all over again to note that different regions have similar breads with different names and sometimes connected to different traditions. 

Thanks to Srivalli and the rest of the BM friends for making this event happen.

It is imperative that we showcase all our hard work at one place for future reference. So go on and bookmark all the flatbreads which stole your heart.

A for Achari Aloo Paratha. A pickle along with the typical mashed potato filling in a paratha has been a sensation at our place. Check it out.. #Megabm #BloggingMarathon #Vegan #IndianFlatbread

A - Achari Aloo Paratha


Continuing with the ABC theme of Indian flatbreads, B for Boondi Paratha...The tiny gram flour cuties, mixed with spices stuffed in the paratha creates a medley of flavors.

B - Boondi Paratha


Today it is the letter C. C for Cheeni Ka Paratha #Megabm #BloggingMarathon #IndianFlatbread. A traditional paratha stuffed with ghee and sugar.

C - Cheeni Ka Paratha


Here is the next Indian flatbread in the ABC series, D for Dal Paratha. This is not the typical dal paratha made using leftover dal :) Whole moong dal is incorporated into the dough along with spices to make this super healthy paratha. Check it out...

D - Dal Paratha


One of the difficult letters to work with, check out this non-traditional twist to Peas Paratha in the form of Edamame Paratha..#Megabm #BloggingMarathon #Vegan #IndianFlatbread

E - Edamame Paratha


Check out the next letter, F for Fried Naan. It is a cross between naan and bhatura. #Megabm #BloggingMarathon #Vegan #IndianFlatbread

F - Fried Naan


Check out this Punjabi classic, G for Gobi Paratha.  Shredded Cauliflower along with spices stuffed in a paratha coming straight from a Punjabi kitchen. #Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

G - Gobi Paratha


H for Healthy Green Paratha or Hara Bhara Paratha. It is a blend of greens and spices mixed into the dough to make this colorful paratha. #Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

H - Hara Bhara Paratha


Try this sweet, tangy and spicy paratha for the letter I in this series of Indian Flatbreads...#Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

I - Imli Ka Paratha


Check out this unique roti from the state of Odisha with an unusual cooking method of pre cooking the dough. J for Janta Roti . #Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

J - Janta Roti


For the 11th letter of the English alphabet, here is a rustic roti from the state of Rajasthan...#Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

K - Khoba Roti


Next comes L for Luchi, a famous Bengali Puri but made with All Purpose Flour...#Megabm #BloggingMarathon #Vegan #IndianFlatbread

L - Luchi


M for Mewa Kulcha. Here is a dessert kulcha on the lines of Puran Poli...The kulcha is stuffed with a blend of khoya and nuts along with a sweetener to make this a delightful treat. #Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

M - Mewa Kulcha


Here is a basic and everyday kind of paratha. N for Namak Ajwain Paratha...#Megabm #BloggingMarathon #Vegan #IndianFlatbread

N - Namak Ajwain Paratha


O for Oats Puri in a baked Avatar...#Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

O - Oats Puri


One of the most popular street foods of Punjab, P for Paneer Kulcha. My Punjabi friend says that these paneer kulchas are served with a rich tomato gravy on the streets of Amritsar. #Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

P - Paneer Kulcha


Here is a gluten free and Vegan Roti starting with Q - Quinoa Roti...I am sure this is a boon for people who stay away from Gluten.

Q - Quinoa Roti (Vegan and Gluten Free)


You will love these Bengali breakfast Kachoris known as RadhaBallabhi for the letter R...#Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread #Vegan

R - Radha Vallabhi


Here is a flaky paratha from the sindhi cuisine, S for Satpuro Phulko...There are many types of flaky parathas in Indian cuisine but each of them is unique in the way the layers are created.
#Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread #Vegan

S - Satpuro Phulko


T for Thalipeeth or Bhajaniche Thalipeeth is a traditional Maharashtrian flatbread where the flour is made ahead and stored. It is a combination of six different grains and legumes and is definitely a healthy one..#Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread #Vegan

T - Thalipeeth


This puran poli might be useful during the upcoming Navrathri season.  U for Upwas Puran Poli.#Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread #VratKaKhana

U - Upwas Puran Poli


I am sure many Mangalorians can relate to the delectable Mangalore Buns. Check out the healthier version of those buns in the form of V for Vastad Rotti...#Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

V - Vastad Rotti


W for Warqi paratha from Awadh cuisine. It is a rich, flaky and layered paratha. Warq means layers, so the name. #Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread

W - Warqi Paratha


For the pizza fans out there, here is an Indianized version of a stuffed pizza. X for Xtra Cheesy Paratha.. #Megabm #BloggingMarathon #IndianFlatbread

X - Xtra Cheesy Paratha


A healthy twist on Ragi Roti with Red pumpkin and spices. Y for Yerra Gummadi Ragi Rotte. I have used the Telugu word Yerra Gummadi meaning Red Pumpkin to dodge the dificult letter problem. #Megabm #BloggingMarathon  #IndianFlatbread #Vegan

Y - Yerra Gummadi Ragi Rotte


To end this journey of A-Z Indian flatbreads here is a saffron infused paratha which is fit for a Nawab...#Megabm #BloggingMarathon #IndianFlatbread

Z - Zafrani Paratha

Posted by Harini R on Tuesday, October 2, 2018


  1. Sowmya :) Says:
  2. Such a delicious roundup Harini!! A beautiful collection of Indian flatbreads!! Was lovely doing this marathon with you!

  3. Srivalli Says:
  4. Harini, such a wonderful collection and I can't decide which one I like best, everything is best and I have bookmarked some for trying soon. thanks for the hard work and tempting show!

  5. cookwithrenu Says:
  6. Awesome series. Love to see all this in one place. Each of your flatbreads are amazing and outstanding. Kuddos to you.

  7. Mayuri Patel Says:
  8. Harini an awesome collection of flatbreads. I don't know which ones I like more, the xtra cheesy paratha, the oat puris, the fried naan or the upvas puran poli. Will be trying a few of them.

  9. Padmajha Says:
  10. That is an awesome roundup of flatbreads Harini. Loved all your posts and bookmarked quite a lot! It was great relearning the alphabets with you :)

  11. What an awesome roundup Harini and each and every flatbread is so well thought of. I have so many recipes bookmarked and looking forward to trying some soon.

  12. code2cook Says:
  13. Congratulations for completing this mega BM with so much ease. Each recipe standout and so tasty flatbreads collection you made during this BM.

  14. Priya Suresh Says:
  15. Seriously you came up with different and unique ideas. Loved all your flatbreads and love the efforts you have put on for finishing this Mega Bm tremendously.

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