BM #97 Week 1 Day 1 -

This week, I have chosen to highlight some fusion recipes which are popular at home.

This Orzo pulihora was born out of necessity. I had orzo, which is a rice like version of pasta, in my pantry for a while. I don't even remember why I bought it. 

Anyway, On this particular day, I was running short of time and I had to make something for the kids' after school snack. I thought I would just boil the orzo and see if I can use it for something. I boiled it and let it cool down a bit and I felt that the texture was closer to cooked rice and then I saw I had some tamarind sauce/pulihora gojju in the refrigerator. 

There it was, the cooked orzo mixed in the pulihora gojju made for a perfect meal idea in a jiffy.

Ingredients - 

Orzo Pasta 1 cup
Pulihora Gojju 2 tsp (or as needed)
Seasoning (Oil 2 tsp, Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp, Chana Dal 1 tsp, Curry leaves few, Asafotida a pinch)

Method Of Preparation -

Cook the Orzo pasta al dente in a pot of boiling water.

Drain and set aside the pasta. 

In a mixing bowl, add the drained pasta and the tamarind sauce(pulihora gojju).

Prepare the seasoning - In a small pan, heat the oil. Add mustard seeds, chana dal curry leaves and asafotida. After the mustard seeds start to splutter and the chana dal starts browning, remove the seasoning from heat.

Pour the seasoning into the pasta-tamarind sauce mix.

Mix well and adjust the flavors as needed.

Serve it immediately.


Preparation Time 15 minutes
Serves 2
Posted by Harini R on Sunday, February 3, 2019


  1. Srivalli Says:
  2. I love this theme and will be interesting to see what each of you come up with..this one is pretty good for an afternoon snack!

  3. Innovative 👌looking yummy 😋

  4. The best recipes are born this way. Nice use of orzo. I can imagine it tasted great.

  5. Pavani Says:
  6. Very creative pulihora using orzo Harini. Will have to try some time. This gives me so many new ideas too.

  7. cookwithrenu Says:
  8. haha, we all have that something in our pantry which we bought and dont know why we bought. Anyways the dish has turned out to be a nice fusion. yummy

  9. What an interesting twist . I too had a pack of orzo but somehow wasn’t able to use it . I feel so bad now . This is a very interesting fusion .

  10. What a beautiful fusion this is. Great use for orzo and this will give us the needed spice in a pasta :)

  11. Swati Says:
  12. I always see packs of orzo in aisles in the stores and I am tempted to buy but take as didn't knew how to use it,though there must be numerous recipes online. I like this recipe and will now buy and give it a try. The plate of orzo pulihora looks delicious.

  13. Suma Gandlur Says:
  14. That's one great fusion dish with orzo. The pulihora sounds yummy.

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