BM #104 Day 18 - 

To conclude this week of our family favorite snacks, here are Palak Pakoda. 

We always made palak bajji until recently. A few years back, my friend served palak pakoda and she said they were from the frozen section of the local grocer. They were very flavorful and not a hint about being a frozen product.

When I was finalizing the list of snacks, my family reminded me of the palak pakoda. So I had to include it in this series. 
Here is a recap of the previous sweets and snacks in this series..

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Day 5 - Pala Munjalu

Week 2 - Snacks from Odisha -

Ingredients - 

Spinach / Palak chopped 2 cups
Sooji 1 Tbsp
Ajwain 1 tsp
Green Chilies crushed as needed
Peanuts Handful 
Salt, Garlic, Chaat Masala, Garam Masala as needed
Besan / Gram Flour 1 Cup or as needed
Water as needed
Oil to deep fry

Method Of Preparation -

In a bowl, add the chopped spinach, salt, ajwain and sooji and set aside for a while.

Add in the crushed Green Chilies, Grated Garlic, Chaat Masala, Garam Masala as needed.

Add besan and mix well to make a stiff batter.

Heat oil and make teaspoon sized portions and gently drop them into the hot oil and allow them to fry all over.

Remove them on to paper towels when they are golden brown.

Continue frying the rest of the batter.

Serve them hot with any sauce or ketchup.

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Preparation Time 45 minutes
Serves 4-5


  1. Palak pakoda in this rainy weather is a perfect snack Harini. I started growing palak at home as I don't like the ones we get in the market here.

  2. Srivalli Says:
  3. Ah this will taste out of the world in this rainy season! so well done Harini..enjoyed all your family's favorite snacks!

  4. Suma Gandlur Says:
  5. Yummy, crispy pakodas. I am more of a pakoda person than bajji one though I end up making them very rarely. :)) I can understand why your family wanted you to include these in the series.

  6. sushma Says:
  7. Nice and healthy pakodas with spinach. Good one

  8. Sooji and peanuts with palak ! Wow ! What a unique recipe , i am sure it will become our family favourite too - let me tey this sometime .

  9. Narmadha Says:
  10. Who will say no to crispy pakodas. That too so healthy with palak. I am carving to have some now.

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