BM #120 Week 2 Day 1 - 

After a 2 month break, I am back with a new theme in the new year. This week I have chosen to highlight some recipes from Tamil Nadu. This would be a continuous theme spanning many months as the recipes are going to be in alphabetical order. So this week, the recipes starting with the first three letters of the Alphabet will be shared. 

Akkaravadisal is a typical Tamil Iyengar recipe served in many temples across Tamil Nadu. There are very many traditional methods of preparing this dish. Kalyani was gracious to share her family recipe with me and here is how I made it. 

Recipe Source Kalyani
Ingredients - 

Rice 1 cup
Moong Dal 1/4 cup
Milk 3-4 cups
Jaggery 1 cup (Adjust as needed)
Ghee 4-6 Tbsp (as preferred)
Cardamom Powder 1/4 tsp
Cashews and Raisins handful each

Method Of Preparation -

Wash and soak rice and moong dal for about 10 minutes.

Drain and fry them in about 2 Tbsp of ghee for about 3-4 minutes until they become aromatic.

Remove from heat, mix in about 3 cups of milk and about a cup of water to the fried rice+dal mixture. Pressure cook for up to 4-5 whistles or if using the Instant Pot, then pressure cook for about 9 minutes. Once the pressure is released, mash the cooked rice+dal mixture and set aside.

Meanwhile powder the jaggery and boil in about a cup of water until a one string consistency is achieved. If the jaggery has impurities, please strain using a muslin cloth or a fine mesh.

After the syrup is cooled,  In a heated non-stick pan, add the mashed rice+dal and the jaggery syrup and mix gently. Adjust the consistency by adding more hot milk. Allow the mixture to simmer. Sprinkle cardamom powder as well.

In a separate pan fry the cashews and  raisins in ghee and pour it onto the simmering akkaravadisal.

Remove from heat and serve hot or warm.


Preparation Time 45 minutes
Serves 10-12


  1. This is my absolute favorite dessert among everything in the whole world. Looks so delicious and I wish I can have that whole bowl right away. Thanks for sharing this delicious dessert recipe.

  2. Srivalli Says:
  3. Fantastic start Harini, I love this sweet and was looking forward to our friends making it for the BM 100 feast. Can't wait to see what all you cook up for the AtoZ theme..:)

  4. sushma Says:
  5. Yummy looking payasam / kheer....

  6. Radha Says:
  7. This is one of our traditional payasam and we often make this at home. You have nailed it. Akkaravadisal looks yummy.

  8. This is a classic dessert harini! I remember us making it for the BM meet in Hyderabad. One of my favorite dessert, looks rich and tempting!!

  9. Narmadha Says:
  10. One of the classic sweet recipes and you have nailed it. Looks so delicious and yummy.

  11. Kalyani Says:
  12. looks so creamy and delish.. glad to see you liked it ...

  13. Archana Says:
  14. One awesome delicious dessert. I absolutely love the combo! Akkaravadisal part of Bm meet lunch for South Indian thali. I remember.

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