Yet another successful experiment with Quinoa. Anyway, I can't take credit for this experiment as I read about Nippattu made with quinoa flour in Priya's blog. I just happen to use a different set of ingredients. These nippattus were very crispy and enjoyable and no one could trace the presence of quinoa. I am just amazed at how quinoa just blends into our Indian cuisine. A hot cup of tea/coffee for an evening snack - a perfect combo!! But we munched these crisps as and when we had a craving and finished them in less than 2 days!! I used very little mirchi powder and so the little one munched these heartily to our pleasant surprise!

Ingredients -

Rice Flour 2 cups
Quinoa 1 cup
Moong Dal 1/4 cup
Salt as per taste
Mirchi Powder as per taste
Hot Oil 3 Tbsp
Oil for deep frying

Method Of Preparation - 

Soak the Moong dal in a glass of water for about an hour or so. (I soaked them in hot water for 20 min).

Dry roast the quinoa and upon cooling, powder it. (Don't worry if the powder is not too fine..mine turned out to be a little grainy and didn't make any difference).
Note - Quinoa flour can also be used if available.

In a mixing bowl, add rice flour, powdered quinoa, soaked and drained moong dal, salt, mirchi powder and hot oil. Mix well until the oil is uniformly spread in the flour.

Use water to make a dough a little at a time (read batch by batch). My mom says that if the flour is soaked for a long time, it would absorb more oil.

Once the dough is prepared, heat oil in a frying pan.

Take big marble sized dough and place in between oiled plastic sheets and press (I use the puri press/tortilla press) to make thin discs. 

Gently slide these discs into the hot oil and fry them on both sides until golden brown. Continue for the rest of the dough. I think I made these in 6-7 batches.

Enjoy after they are cool. Store in airtight container.

Preparation Time 1 hour
Makes about 50 discs


  1. Priya Suresh Says:
  2. Wow they turned out super crispy..Thanks for trying and happy to see these crispies..

  3. Kalyani Says:
  4. looks delicious ..........

  5. Crisps look delicious.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. aipi Says:
  7. very interesting, crispy and crunchy thattai..Priya is definitely the queen of innovation and her recipes always rocks!!
    Thanks a lot for linking this to bookmark event.

    US Masala

  8. hi there,
    the savouries look so cripy n crunchy! goood one !

  9. Unknown Says:
  10. looks delicious

  11. Crispy nipattu looks yummy..

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