I am not sure about the origins of this kind of a pickle, but I am sure it is from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Though some parts of the state consume really fiery spicy pickles, there are some who prefer the mildly spiced, not so fiery with a hint of sweet kind of pickle to tickle their taste buds. One such is this Bellam Maagaya. 

I got this recipe from my maternal aunt, Smt. Nandyala Sudha Mani. We used to have this pickle as a child but never saw my mom make it at home. It was always parceled to us by my aunt. To this day, she prepares it for the whole extended family (with help from all concerned) and churns out the most delicious one each and every time. 

Last summer when we visited her, I grabbed a bottle of this Bellam Maagaya but it was consumed in 2 months and didn't set foot on the US soil :) This summer I decided I should learn this preparation so I could make this and enjoy it with my family here in the US. This would be under the theme ' Regional Specials - Andhra Cuisine' for the sixth day of this BM #6 session 2.

Bellam Maagaya

Ingredients - 

Raw Mangoes 2 big ones, thinly sliced into 2 inch long pieces - 3 cups (approx)
Jaggery/ Bellam, powdered or grated 1/2 kg or 1 lb
Salt 1/4 cup (or as needed - depends on the sourness of mangoes)
Turmeric 1 tsp
Methi Seeds/ Fenugreek seeds, Roasted 1 Tbsp
Mustard Seeds, Roasted 1 Tbsp
Red Chilli Powder 2 Tbsp (or more as needed)
Oil 3 Tbsp (Sesame oil is preferred but I used olive oil)
Hing 1 tsp (or as needed - depends on the variety of hing used)
Seasoning (Oil 1/4 cup, Mustard seeds 1 Tbsp, Dry Red Chillies few, Hing 1 tsp)

Method Of Preparation - 

In a big bowl, add the mango slices, salt, turmeric and grated jaggery. Mix them well and keep the bowl covered for 48 hrs. Keep it in a dark corner away from sun light.

Bellam Maagaya Step 1

After 48 hrs, there would be lot of liquid in the bowl. 

Squeeze out the liquid into a separate container and spread the squeezed out mango slices onto a plate/ plastic sheet.

Strain the liquid to remove any impurties.

Sun dry the mango slices and the liquid obtained separately approximately for 2-3 days. The duration depends on the amount of sun exposure. The mango slices need not dry out completely. It is enough if they just wilt.

Powder the roasted methi seeds and mustard seeds and set aside.

In a wide mixing bowl, add the sun dried mango slices, the sun dried liquid, mirchi powder, methi seed powder, mustard powder. 

Heat the oil and add hing and mix it in the prepared bellam maagaya mixture.

Bellam Maagaya Step 2

Bottle the bellam maagaya and it is ready to be consumed immediately.

Optionally the bellam maagaya can be seasoned with oil, hing, mustard seeds and red chillies just before serving. [ I came to know from my aunt that this step is not optional, it is required to enhance the taste but I chose not to add more oil :)]

This stays good for the whole year and need not be refrigerated [assuming that the climatic conditions are not too humid to cause mold].

Serve the sweet-tangy-spicy pickle with steaming hot rice or with Dosa or curd rice.

Sending this Bellam Magaya to Bookmarked Recipes jointly hosted by Priya Mitharwal and Aipi.

Preparation Time 20 min apart from 4-5 days on sun drying
Makes about 2 lbs or 1 kg
Posted by Harini on Tuesday, June 28, 2011


  1. Suma Gandlur Says:
  2. Manchi traditional di post chesaru. I have heard about this but my mother prepares the plain magaya.
    My husband never touches any sweet versioned pickles and so don't know whether I will be able to make this ever. :)

  3. Mélange ! Says:
  4. Oh,what a distinctive flavour for a pickle..Great job !

  5. Usha Says:
  6. My aunt makes this.. She would brind some for us every year. Although I don't like sweetened food, except desserts/sweets, I kind of like this pickle. I have not eaten this pickle in a long time.

    This is a good traditional recipe.

  7. Priya Suresh Says:
  8. Omg, tongue tickling bellam maagaya, seriously am drooling over those wonderful delicious authentic dish..

  9. awesome gr8 recipe of pickle

  10. Unknown Says:
  11. I am also going to bookmark this. It looks drool-worthy !!!

  12. aipi Says:
  13. I am literally drooling ~ no kidding :)
    US Masala

  14. Pavani Says:
  15. Wow.. bellam magaya looks soo good. I just made panchadhara avakaya, will post it soon.

  16. Unknown Says:
  17. Looks tangy and mouthwatering..

  18. Vardhini Says:
  19. You are making me drool .. love pickle :)

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  20. Padmajha Says:
  21. The first click is so good that I want to taste it immediately. Would love this with curd rice.

  22. beautiful color and lot of hard work..wish the family was fond of pickles...a grt recipe though!!

  23. Degchi Says:
  24. I am drooling over the pickle. I like the sweet and sour pickle. I goes well with methi partha and dal-rice. In Rajasthan we also make it and we call it Kairi ki Launji.

  25. this looks good enough to be tried :)

  26. jayasree Says:
  27. Interesting recipe..Love these kind of traditional recipes. Thanks for sharing

  28. Rekha shoban Says:
  29. tempting n yummmmmmmy!!

  30. Magaya is my favorite pickle...Though I know the process of making it but I have never ventured into making it....This time also I got a bottle from my grandmom....Your magaya looks tongue tickling...

  31. Umm Mymoonah Says:
  32. Tongue tickling recipe, I'm bookmarking it from your blog now.

  33. divya Says:
  34. Slurppp..Looks tempting & mouth watering.

  35. Unknown Says:
  36. yummy!

    I ate this all most of my pregnancy...when mom made it...reminds me of my mom...

    Happy to follow you!


  37. Unknown Says:
  38. Great job.this is from east godavari. though its bellam/jagery. its not very sweet its spicy too .even i make this here in US .

  39. Anonymous Says:
  40. I made a big batch of the pickle today with Jalaalu mangoes that my friend shared from her farm, splitting into Bellam and karam maagayas. The recipe is so good, worked very well. Thanks so much for a perfect recipe.

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