mouth waters at the very thought. It is one of my all time favorites and I am yet to master the art of making ariselu. Ok, for those of you who are not aware of ariselu, they are a delicious form of rice + jaggery puris, to put in a very simple lingo. When my friend mentioned that she made ariselu with rava, I was intrigued and needless to say got the recipe from her and made them. It is such an easy process that I was surprised that I didn't come across this sooner!! We all loved them so much that I am tempted to make them again.. But too many sweets in such a short span of But You guys out there can make and enjoy!!  Here goes the recipe and enjoy the clicks too..

Ingredients - 

Rava / Sooji / Semolina 1 cup
Rice Flour 1 cup
Jaggery 1 3/4 cup
Milk 1/2 cup
Poppy Seeds / Gasaalu 2 Tbsp
Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
Oil for frying

Method Of Preparation - 
In a skillet, dry roast the sooji until the raw smell goes away and it gets a light brown hue.
In another sauce pan, boil 2 cups of water and add the roasted sooji to it and cover. After about 2-3 min the sooji would get cooked.

Add grated jaggery to the sooji and let the jaggery melt and mix into the sooji.

Add Rice flour to the above mixture and mix rapidly and switch off the flame and cover. Leave it covered for a few more minutes. Don't worry if the rice flour doesn't get mixed well. The rice flour would get cooked in the steam.

After a few minutes when the mixture has sufficiently cooled down, transfer the contents into a mixing bowl and knead the mixture into a smooth dough with chapati like consistency by adding as little milk as needed.

Divide the dough into equal pieces and make discs of equal size on a greased plastic or aluminium sheet. Don't forget to sprinkle some poppy seeds on both sides of the discs. (I forgot about the poppy seeds until after I was half done :) )

In a wok/ kadai, heat oil and gently slide these discs into the oil and fry until they are golden brown in color. (They would puff out like puris)

Take them out onto paper towels to drain excess oil. A very good idea for Naivedyam (Offering to God). A treat for lovers of Ariselu!!

Makes approx 20 ariselu (2 inch diameter) 

Preparation Time 25 min


  1. Madhavi Says:
  2. woww...looks yummy harini

  3. Priya Suresh Says:
  4. Crispy thattais looks yummy..

  5. Nithu Bala Says:
  6. Never had guts to prepare ariselu..but your sooji ariselu sounds good..may be I'l try this;-) nice recipe dear..thanks for sharing..

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