Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers..My daughter's teacher had organized a small party at school in honor of all moms and it was so sweet of her and all the kids...we were treated like queens at school and it was lot of fun..We were showered loads of gifts too..And here I am trying to frame words as to how best I can try and honor my Mom...hmmm.. I guess there wouldn't be any gr8 words in these dictionaries which can say so much as to thank Mom. So instead I tried to recreate the magic which amma has mastered...Someone said "Imitation is the best form of Flattery". So here it is Amma, this is for you..drum roll please....Chocolate Burfi..

In the picture - The "I Love You MOM" Pot holder made by my daughter at school and the Chocolate Burfi made by me .
Some history here..Amma makes this yummy Chocolate Burfi with Bournvita (a cocoa based drink) which we grew up munching on too many evenings. This has been on the 'to-do' list for close to a dozen yrs now. Even after we started blogging this gem of amma's never got to the forefront. Every time I would ask her for some of her age old recipes, she would ask me if I had the time to make this chocolate burfi and each time I would have some excuse or the other .. not now, not today...I made it at almost 10.30pm , called amma and wished her and told her that I finally gathered my guts to make this and she was so happy and excited. She was asking me about the proportions, how the final result was, the texture etc to make sure I got it right (So amma like...).. (If any of you remember the 'Nutrine' chocolate we used to eat during our childhood, this burfi tastes exactly like that. This compliment from my dear husband.) And Yes ! Amma said that I got the right texture. So here it is to all the Moms who derive happiness in their kid's smallest achievements!!

Ingredients -

Condensed Milk 3/4 cup

Bournvita 3/4 cup
Sugar 3/4 cup
Maida / all Purpose Flour 1/2 cup
Ghee 3 tsp

Method Of Preparation -

In a non-stick sauce pan, add condensed milk, bournvita, sugar and maida and keep stirring it so that the maida blends in without any lumps.

Keep adding 1 teaspoon ghee at a time and keep stirring.

The key to getting this right is to take it off the flame at the right time. When the sweet comes together like chapati dough and when u pinch a little, it should not stick to your hands. It took me about 16-18 min of stirring.

Pour the sweet onto a greased plate and with a greased knife mark the pieces in the desired shape and upon cooling the pieces can be broken apart as they would become hard and brittle.

Note - Amma says Bournvita can be substituted with cocoa powder also but then cocoa powder should be used in lesser quantities (about 1/4 cup) and the resultant sweet would be lesser in quantity and there might be a chance that the sweet gets a little bitter aftertaste if cocoa powder is not rightly proportioned. So I didn't want to spoil this mother's day by using the cocoa powder instead used the bournvita from my pantry!

Makes approx 20 burfis
Preparation Time 45 min
Posted by Harini on Sunday, May 9, 2010


  1. Ms.Chitchat Says:
  2. Enjoyed every bit of ur write-up,an awesome visual treat and there cannot be a better dedication to ur mom on this Mother's day. Greetings to u too on this lovely day:):)

  3. Simplyfood Says:
  4. Chocolate barfi looks devine.
    Happy Mothersday.

  5. Priya Suresh Says:
  6. Fantastic chocolate burfi, lovely write up..Loved that beautiful card & Happy Mother's Day..

  7. Madhavi Says:
  8. woww.....harini..very nice..Happy Mother's Day

  9. Unknown Says:
  10. Happy Mother's Day....lovely burfi...

  11. chocolate burfi looks so yummy..nice treat for this lovely day
    Hope u really enjoyed mother's day celebration at ur daughter's school..good ..nice pot holder and yummy burfi..Happy Mother's day
    new here ..lovely space yarr.. following you

  12. Sayali Says:
  13. this one is so mouthwatering...wow.Your kids muzt have gone crazy to eat this one

  14. Suma Gandlur Says:
  15. Happy Mother's day, Harini.
    I love bournvita and will give this a try. ;)

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