Vegan Apple Oatmeal Muffins

One of my favorite flavors of oatmeal is apple cinnamon. So on a weekend, when I had time for myself, I thought I should try the same flavor in muffins for breakfast. That is how these muffins happened at home and what a delight these were. They were mildly sweet so if you prefer sweeter muffins, feel free to add more sugar.

These muffins qualify under 'Show your breakfast' as well as 'Whole Grain Baking'. Check these muffins for Day 5 of BM #16 week 2.

Ingredients - 

Whole Wheat Flour 1 cup
Rolled Oats 1 cup (Coarsely ground)
Cornstarch 1 Tbsp
Cinnamon 1/2 tsp
Baking Powder 1/2 tsp
Baking Soda 1/2 tsp
Salt 1/4 tsp
Brown Sugar 1/2 cup (minus 1 Tbsp)
Olive Oil 1/4 cup
Apple Sauce 1/4 cup (I used sweetened apple sauce)
Soy Milk 3/4 cup
Apple 1 medium peeled, cored and chopped 
Almonds chopped for topping (optional)

Vegan Apple Oatmeal Muffins

Method Of Preparation -

In a mixing bowl, add the wheat flour, coarsely ground oats, cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Whisk well and set aside.

Preheat the oven to 350 F and prepare the muffin pan either by greasing or using muffin liners.

Mix in the chopped apples into the flour mixture and coat the apples well.

Blend the liquid ingredients (brown sugar, apple sauce, soy milk and oil) and slowly add it to the flour mixture.

Don't over mix. Just mix until there are no lumps. Divide the batter into the muffin pan filling each of the cups upto 2/3 full. Sprinkle the chopped almonds on the top if using.

Bake for 25 min or until a tester comes out clear when inserted in the center.

Cool on a wire rack and enjoy!

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM#16 .  

Preparation Time 15 min + Baking Time 25 min + Cooling Time 15 min
Makes 12 standard muffins


  1. Shobha Says:
  2. The muffins look awesome.

  3. Sangeetha M Says:
  4. muffins looks so soft n fluffy,great recipe!!
    Spicy Treats

  5. Srivalli Says:
  6. I have all the ingredients except soy milk..what to replace that?...looks so inviting!

  7. Suma Gandlur Says:
  8. Love fruity muffins in any form.

  9. Jayanthi Says:
  10. The muffins look super yum ...and can't take my eyes off your pictures...super delicious.
    Srivalli: If you are thinking to substitute soy milk....regular milk/almond milk can be an alternative choice.

  11. Akila Says:
  12. So soft n spongy.... Perfectly done dear...

  13. Unknown Says:
  14. looks moist and very healthy!...

  15. Looks Delicious and Filling!!!!

  16. looks yumm

  17. Priya Suresh Says:
  18. Super fluffy muffins looks prefect to kick start my day.

  19. Jayashree Says:
  20. I love the combo of apples and cinnamon too....

  21. Priyanka Says:
  22. The muffins look super yummy...super delicious.
    Great combinations

  23. Indian Khana Says:
  24. Nice mix up of ingredients and it looks yum

  25. Great looking apple oat muffins.

  26. Muffins look fabulous,great presentation....

  27. divyagcp Says:
  28. Perfectly baked muffins.. Love the presentation.

    Divya's Culinary Journey
    Showcase- Desserts

  29. love the almond topping

  30. I have made this several times as one large cake, substituting pear and ginger for the apple and cinnamon. It works perfectly and is absolutely delicious.

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