Sweet Idiyappam

For Day 2 Week 3 of BM #41, here is a sweet Idiyappam dish. As I understand it is traditionally served for breakfast along with some other spicy version of Idiyappam. 

But I served this for a snack and the kids really liked it. I first tasted this in a potluck party and was very impressed by the simplicity and taste of this dish. Thanks, Uma for graciously sharing the dish and the recipe.

Sweet Idiyappam

Ingredients - 

Idiyappam 1 cup (approx)
Sugar 2-3 Tbsp (or to taste)
Coconut, Grated, Fresh or Frozen 1 Tbsp
Cardamom Powder 1/4 tsp
Ghee 1 tsp
Cashews few

Sweet Idiyappam

Method Of Preparation -

Immerse the idiyappam in boiling water for a couple of minutes until it is just about cooked.

Drain and set aside.

In a mixing bowl, add the drained idiyappam, grated coconut, sugar and cardamom powder. Gently mix until the sugar blends in.

Heat ghee in a small pan, fry the cashews and pour them into the idiyappam mixture.

Mix well and serve for a delightful breakfast.

Preparation Time 10 min
Serves 2


  1. nice and tasty idiyappam

  2. Srivalli Says:
  3. I love this Harini, reminds me its been a while I have eaten this..Idiyyapam is my favorite dish to snack on as such..

  4. Priya Suresh Says:
  5. Makes me nostalgic, one of my grandma's signature dish.. Inviting sweet idiyappam.

  6. Sweet Idiyappam looks inviting !

  7. Kalyani Says:
  8. My grandmom used to make idiyappam from scratch ! And the sweet topping was a lil differnt with jaggery and til and ccoconut and cardamom .. It's raining idiyappams at ur blog Harini ;-))

  9. The sweet version looks great..wonderful delicious flavours too..and trust me I am tempted to try this version along with the daal one.

  10. i have to make this sweet version soon, there are quite a few fans at home

  11. This reminds me of a recipe I made from a Middle Eastern country for September albeit a little different - I am sure it tasted wonderful

  12. Pavani Says:
  13. Sweet idiyappam is totally new to me. Sounds yummy!!

  14. Suma Gandlur Says:
  15. Delicious idiyappam.
    If I am not wrong, they serve it with coconut milk, right?

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