We, a group of motivated bloggers from the Blogging Marathon Group have successfully completed this world tour stopping at 26 different countries travelling in an alphabetical order. 

Personally, it has been a humbling experience in the sense that there is so much of variety all across the globe, yet we can relate to most of the food consumed in many parts of the world. For some countries, I had to struggle to pick out the right recipe which would be appreciated at home, whereas for some it was a breeze!!

Here are the showcased recipes for a quick look all at one place. Hope you all have enjoyed the tour as much as we have. 

Apple Strudel - Austria

Quinoa Stew - Bolivia

Millet Crackers - Chad

Avena Caliente - Dominican Republic

Cheesy Potato Soup - Ecuador

Vegan Lentil Soup - France

Spanakopita - Greece

Aksan - Haiti

Caprese Salad - Italy

Carrot Juice - Jamaica

Kitheri - Kenya

Apple Green Tea - Lebanon

Seven Layered Bean Dip - Mexico

Kokoro (Cornmeal Fingers) - Nigeria

Mugasgas - Oman

Potato Pierogi - Poland

Khabees - Qatar

Vegetable Borscht - Russia

Ajo Blanco - Spain

Spinach Tortilla Borek - Turkey

Eggless Bread And Butter Pudding - United Kingdom

Cachapas - Venezuela

Simsimeyeh (Sesame Brittle) - West Bank

Nokot (Chichpea Salad) - Xinjiang, China

Rose Water Lemonade - Yemen

Ifisashi (Spinach-Peanut Cury) - Zambia

Posted by Harini R on Thursday, October 2, 2014
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  1. That is a lovely round up. Even for me, some countries were easy to pick a recipe from and with some had to do lot of searching to find a right recipe that family would like.

  2. it is such a colorful tour that you have managed with so many beautiful dishes around the world, throughly enjoyed this ride, great work Harini

  3. It was fun reading all those posts through this past month but the pictures look great when compiled all together. Nice summary.

  4. Sarita Says:
  5. Dishes look very colorful and yummy..Nice way of collecting different dishes around the world in one place.

  6. what a greaat roundup -

  7. Priya Suresh Says:
  8. Loved the varieties u gave us Harini.. Beautiful dishes there..

  9. Thats a beautiful round up..all the dishes and clicks have been well thought of..Harini you gave us some amazing dishes and increased our book marks:)..btw..I was not able to comment on your Chad post some how the comment box refused to open.

  10. Srivalli Says:
  11. What a wonderful roundup Harini, your pictures have been such a lovely representation of the dish..

  12. Pavani Says:
  13. Amazing roundup Harini. Loved all your posts in the A-Z International series.

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