Upasachi Batata Bhaji

BM #63 Day 21 - 

The last week of this Mega marathon will see us navigate through some tough letters. For those of you who joined the series late, I am part of a Blogging Marathon group. And we as a group are doing this series called Journey Through The Cuisine. I am exploring the Maharashtrian cuisine alphabetically one letter each day.

Today the letter U was easy as the word Upvas (meaning fasting) can be prefixed to some special dishes which are aten mostly during the fasting days. 

For us in Andhra Pradesh/Telangana, there is nothing specific called fasting food. Whereas in some regions, when they say fasting it only means they will eat only certain types of foods of the seed variety like Amaranth(Rajgira), Singhada (Water chestnut), Sago and vegetables like Pumpkin, Potato etc.

This version of potato sabji qualifies as a Farali dish or a sabji suitable for fasting days.

Recipe Source here
Ingredients - 

Potatoes, Peeled, Boiled and Cubed 3 cups
Green Chillies Paste 1 tsp or as needed
Peanuts, roasted and coarsely crushed 4-5 tbsp 
Coconut, grated 2 tbsp 
Sugar 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Seasoning (Ghee 1 tbsp, Cumin Seeds 1 tsp)

Upasachi Batata Bhaji

Method Of Preparation -

In a heated pan, add ghee and cumin seeds. After the cumin seeds crackle, add the boiled potatoes.

Sprinkle the crushed peanuts, green chili paste, grated coconut, salt and sugar.

Add a few spoons of water, mix well, cover and let it cook for 3-4 minutes.

Remove from heat. Serve it with Yogurt and/or Rajgira Roti.

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Preparation Time 15-20 min
Serves 4-5
Posted by Harini R on Monday, April 25, 2016


  1. When I first noticed upvas khana recipes on blogs, I thought I did no notice elders in my house prepare it during their upavasalu. It is good to know we don't such food in our cuisine.

  2. Suma Gandlur Says:
  3. I think we do rigorous fasting and consume fruits / milk if at all needed. And so there is no need for separate fasting food for us. However I have noticed that rice is not consumed on the night when fast is broken.
    This potato bhaji is a different version than the regular ones I know.

  4. Srivalli Says:
  5. Thats a nice one Harini..I had to resort to this word too..:)

  6. Very simple yet delicious bhaji..

  7. Priya Suresh Says:
  8. This bhaji sounds prefect for me to have with some rotis, simply delicious.

  9. Pavani Says:
  10. I can't wrap my head around 'upvas food'. For us upvas means not eating food or eating just fruits or drinking milk, so this special upvas food is still mysterious to me.
    Potato bhaji looks delicious with peanuts and coconut.

  11. Potato is their main food on Upvas days, Bhaji looks delicious:)

  12. Kalyani Says:
  13. I still cant get over the fact that fasting food here in mumbai is almost feasting food - potatoes, sabudana, poori and so many other sweets :) esp during navratri and ganpati , its really a treat rather than fasting :) this sabji is a must have !

  14. This is very interesting potato bhaji.Love to try it during fasting.

  15. Smruti Ashar Says:
  16. This recipe is my favorite for all kinds of fasts. Loved your version, pretty similar to the one we make at home. With all the potato and sabudana and rajgira, fasting actually becomes feasting!

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