BM #85 Week 1 Day 3 - 

These simple and Chocolate Covered Dates are an easy way to get the kids include dates in their diet. My kids are sold just because of the chocolate in there!

When I was browsing a middle eastern store in our neighborhood, I happened to spot a box of these stuffed dates and it looked so inviting. I looked at the ingredients and decided it was easy and can be made at home. When I googled to make sure, there were a flood of recipes and that reassured me :).

Ingredients - 

Pitted Dates 20 nos
Almonds handful
Chocolate Chips 1/4 cup

Method Of Preparation -

Soak the almonds in hot water for 15-20 minutes. Remove the peels and grind the peeled almonds into fine powder.

Stuff the almond powder into the dates and set aside.

In a double boiler/microwave melt the chocolate.

Dip each stuffed date into the chocolate and set aside in a ice tray so the chocolate can set.

Refrigerate the chocolate covered stuffed dates for about an hour.

Remove and enjoy a guilt free dessert as a snack.


Preparation Time 20 min + Cooling time 1 hr
Makes 20
Posted by Harini R on Monday, February 5, 2018


  1. Sandhiya Says:
  2. Omg, this just 3 ingredients, you come up with amazing sweet. Love the simplicity & creativity of this dish, definitely will gonna try this.

  3. Delicious dessert with minimum ingredients and loads of health benefits . The next time you make try adding candied peel to the almond stuffing , it just takes these dates a level higher .
    Super fantastic dessert !

  4. Srivalli Says:
  5. Wow that's really one quick dessert to enjoy! Looks so cute as well.

  6. Jayashree Says:
  7. This is such a simple idea with so much oomph. Love it.

  8. Priya Suresh Says:
  9. I had a chance to enjoy this almond stuffed dates long back, am sure this chocolate coated dates will definitely please everyone at home.

  10. code2cook Says:
  11. You made it so simple to fill kids stomach with proper nutrition. I am in love with chocolate covered dates.

  12. I made stuffed sates recently and my boys loved them. Chocolate coating them sounds even more tempting and I am sure these would disappear in no time.

  13. This is seriously an addictive looking chocolate covered dates.

  14. So easy, yet so delicious. My kids and me are date lovers and covering them with chocolate will be like icing on the cake :)

  15. Suma Gandlur Says:
  16. Not only kids but even adults can be wooed with these dates. :)

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