If you have been following this space regularly, then our BM group is not unknown to you. We, as a group, have been blogging for the past 99 months motivating each other. 

Valli, our group moderator, plays a very special part in keeping this group together. She comes up with some very interesting, challenging and creative themes for us to explore and create content. Most of the members owe their continued blogging to this group. 

We do mega marathons twice a year, once in April and then again in September.

The past month has rained Biryanis, Pulaos and Khichdis on all our blogs. Here is a recap of what I have posted this past month. I have tried using a variety of millets to substitute rice and so there is something for everyone.

Day 1 - 

A - Achari Chana Pulao in Instant Pot

Day 2 - 

B - Black Eyed Peas Pulao in Instant Pot

Day 3 -

C - Coconut Millet ~ Thengai Thinnai Saadam

Day 4 - 

D - Dondakaya Annam ~ Tindora Rice - No Onion No Garlic

Day 5 - 

E - Ellu Maangai Saadam ~ Mango Sesame Rice - NONG

Day 6 - 

F - Foxtail Millet Vegetable Khichdi in Instant Pot

Day 7 - 

G - Ghee Rice in Instant Pot

Day 8 - 

H - Hara Bhara Pulao in Instant Pot

Day 9 - 

I - Inji Saadam ~ Ginger Rice

Day 10 - 

Day 11 - 
K - Kala Chana Tomato Rice

Day 12 - 
L - Little Millet Pulihora ~ Saamai Puliyodarai

Day 13 - 
M - Matki Pulao

Day 14 - 
N - Nuvvula Annam - Sesame Rice

Day 15 - 
O - Omam Saadam ~ Ajwain Rice ~ Vaamu Annam

Day 16 - 
P - Peas-Tomato Rice

Day 17 - 
Q - Quinoa Sambar Saadam in Instant Pot

Day 18 - 
R - Red Sorrel Leaves Rice ~ Gongura Pulihora - 2

Day 19 - 
S - Sambar Varagu Saadam in Instant Pot

Day 20 - 
T - Thinai Pulihora ~ Korrala Nimmakaya Pulihora

Day 21 - 
U - Usirikaya Pulihora

Day 22 - 
V - Varagu Pongal ~ Kodo Millet Pongal

Day 23 - 
W - Wheat Rava Khichdi in Instant Pot

Day 24 - 
X - Xacuti Pulao in Instant Pot

Day 25 - 
Y - Yam Masala Rice

Day 26 - 

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Posted by Harini R on Thursday, May 2, 2019


  1. sushma Says:
  2. Amazing recipes you have made this Harini , lots of millet recipes. Nice and healthy. Loved blogging with you this season.

  3. Kudos ..the millets are not easy to cook, yet you have cooked them so well..just to perfection. And working on a AtoZ is indeed commendable. It was great running this marathon with you.

  4. Kalyani Says:
  5. amazing recap and so many many millet recipes bookmarked, Harini ! well done :)

  6. Srivalli Says:
  7. Harini, your entire series rocks! You have done an exceptionally wonderful job in using millets for so many dishes in this series, I will surely come back to check on when I need these..thank you for taking the efforts!

  8. That is an amazing recap of the month. I loved all your rice recipes, especially the ones that use millets. And it is also awesome that you did A-Z.

  9. Srividhya Says:
  10. Thanks for inspiring me to make more millet recipes. Your recipes opened up a whole new arena. Loved all your recipes and this is an excellent round up.

  11. cookwithrenu Says:
  12. Amazing round up and delicious recipes. In love with your millet based recipes and doing it in the order of A-Z is just wow.

  13. Swati Says:
  14. Superb collection of all the dishes that you have made for marathon. Loved all the dishes with healthy grains and millets. Also all the dishes have been beautifully captured.

  15. Suma Gandlur Says:
  16. I didn't realize that I haven't left a comment here even though I went through the post. I enjoyed your series that you have managed to cook incorporating variety of grains and the best thing is that many are quick fix and no fuss meal ideas which come handy during time crunches.

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