BM #100 Week 1 Day 3 - 

To finish this series, I went with what my kids would love to eat. They love sweet potatoes in any form and so these were a big hit with the kids.

I found that baking in a countertop oven or in an air fryer reduces cooking time by atleast 10-15 minutes. 

Recipe Source social media feed
Ingredients - 

Sweet Potato 2 nos 
Pizza/Pasta Sauce as needed
Shredded cheese as needed
Oil as needed (Optional)

Method Of Preparation -

Wash and peel the sweet potato and slice into 1/2 inch discs. [I got 9 thick slices].

Please note that I used a countertop oven which does not need preheating. But if baking in the conventional oven, the oven needs to be preheated to 450 °F.

Spray oil onto the discs. Arrange them on a parchment lined baking tray and bake at 450 °F for about 12-15 minutes until the undersides are slightly crisp.

Remove from the oven, flip each of the slices, spread pasta sauce and top each of the slices with shredded cheese.

Put them back in the oven. Bake for another 10 minutes until the cheese is browned enough.

Remove and serve them warm.


Preparation Time 25 minutes
Serves 2-3
Posted by Harini R on Sunday, May 5, 2019


  1. Wow ! Now this is such a wonderful twist ! So healthy , would love to taste it , I am sure this would be a hit it any party too .

  2. Wow! This is such a brilliant idea. And what a healthy choice for pizza. Looks wonderful Harini.

  3. Srivalli Says:
  4. This is awesome Harini, super delicious and what a fantastic idea...I would love to make this sometime.

  5. sushma Says:
  6. Wow pizza bites look amazing. Yummy

  7. Pavani Says:
  8. What a cool way to serve healthy pizza. Sweet potato base sounds absolutely genius.

  9. Narmadha Says:
  10. They look so amazing. Sweet potatoes makes it very healthy and kids will finish in no time.

  11. Pavani Says:
  12. These pizza bites look so cute and tempting . A perfect healthy snack for kids.

  13. Suma Gandlur Says:
  14. Sweet potatoes are definitely a guilt free base to these amazing pizza bites.

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