Bendakaya Majjiga Pulusu ~ Bhendi Kadhi

For Day 2 Week 2 of BM #40, here is a dish from Andhra Pradesh. My mom makes this pretty often and we grew up eating this once every month or so (or when there was a surplus of buttermilk at home). I had so forgotten about this until I ate this at my friend's place. I realized that I had virtually forgotten how Bhendi/Okra tastes in kadhi.

I asked my friend for the recipe and pestered her to tell me if there is any secret ingredient in there. She smiled and said that bhendi is the secret ingredient :). Trust me this combo never fails to please your tongue and tummies too.

Recipe Source - Madhavi
Ingredients - 

Bhendi / Okra / Bendakaya chopped 3 cups
Tomato, chopped 1/2 cup (Optional - use if the buttermilk is not sour)
Salt as needed
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Thick Buttermilk 3-4 cups
Besan/Chickpea Flour/Senagapindi 2 Tbsp
Seasoning (Oil 2 tsp, Mustard seeds 1 tsp, Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp, Asafoetida 1/8 tsp, Curry leaves few)
Coriander leaves for garnish
To Grind - 
Fresh Coconut handful
Ginger 1 1/2 inch piece
Green Chillies 3-4
Coriander seeds 1 1/2 tsp
Cumin seeds 1 tsp

 Bendakaya Majjiga Pulusu ~ Bhendi Kadhi

Method Of Preparation -

In a heated sauce pan, add oil and the rest of the seasoning ingredients. 

After the mustard seeds pop, add the chopped bhendi/okra and saute until tender. Add in the tomatoes if using.

Make a paste of green chillies, coconut, coriander seeds, cumin seeds 
and ginger adding as much water as needed and set aside.

In a mixing bowl, whip the curds with the green chilli paste until mixed and add it to the sauteed bhendi.

In a small bowl, make a thin paste of chick pea flour/besan and water and set aside.

After the bhendi - curd mixture comes to a rolling boil, reduce the flame and mix in the watery besan paste while briskly stirring to avoid lumps. Let the mixture simmer for a couple of minutes.

Sprinkle salt as needed and add more water to adjust the consistency. The kadhi thickens as it cools so keep that in mind when adding water. 

Serve with plain tadka dal and rice.

Preparation Time 25 min
Serves 6-7
Posted by Harini R on Sunday, May 11, 2014


  1. Srivalli Says:
  2. Looks very interesting Harini..I am more used to making the tamilian version where tomato is not used..should try this version sometime..

  3. Priya Suresh Says:
  4. We too make a kind of mor kuzhambu with bhindis, my favourite they are, Kadhi sounds prefect for me.

  5. delicious combination of flavours

  6. That is a interesting curry. .like all ingredients used and the recipe too.the curd would surely make it more delicious.

  7. Delicious and lovely looking kadhi. Excellent preparation.

  8. love bhindi in curd gravy..

  9. pulusu looks very nice.. Never tried this.. Will definitely try it..

  10. Pavani Says:
  11. Majjiga pulusu looks so yumm!! My mom makes the same without the tomato though.

  12. Bhendi is my favorite vegetable and this is such a comforting dish :)

  13. We love all types of Kadhi. This is a very interesting combination.

  14. Sarita Says:
  15. I never tried bendakaya majjiga pulusu.. Will try once.. Urs is yummy.

  16. Suma Gandlur Says:
  17. Yummy kadhi. As Pavani mentioned, we don't add tomatoes but we make it along the similar lines.

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