Oats Chaat

Oats chaat has been in my mind forever, but haven't been able to make it. When I was wondering what to make for my older one's after school snack, I thought I would take the risk of making this chaat. I wasn't sure she would like it but had a hunch that since it has the typical chaat flavors, she might like it. 

She pulled a face at me when I told her about the chaat waiting for her on the table. She gingerly took a spoon full of the chaat and went 'yummm' and finished off the whole bowl. Happy mom and daughter!!

So check it out for Day 2 Week 4 of BM #48.

Ingredients - 

*Quick Cooking Oats 1/2 cup
Beaten yogurt / Curds 1/2 cup
Cornflakes 2 Tbsp 
All of the below ingredients as needed
Boiled Potatoes, cubed 
Boiled Kabuli Chana/Garbanzo Beans
Onions, finely chopped 
Carrots, grated 
Pomegranate seeds 
Boondi and / or Sev 
Black Salt, Chaat Masala, Green Chutney, Tamarind-Date Chutney 
Coriander leaves for garnish

Note - Chopped apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, steamed cabbage can also be added.
* I coarsely ground the old fashioned rolled oats 

Oats Chaat

Method Of Preparation -

In a heated pan dry roast the oats until they give out a nice aroma or about 3-4 minutes. Set aside to cool. [No need to cook the roasted oats.]

In a bowl, add the beaten curds, black salt, green chutney and chaat masala. Mix well and set aside.

In a mixing bowl add the roasted oats and the beaten yogurt mixture. Add in the boiled potatoes, chana, onions, pomegranate and corn flakes. 

Mix well, drizzle with tamarind date chutney, sprinkle sev and/or boondi and garnish with coriander leaves.

Adjust the flavors as per taste and enjoy a healthy snack.

Preparation Time 10 min
Serves 1-2


  1. Kalyani Says:
  2. That surely is a super healthy chaat Harini ! Wonder where you got the inspiration from 😊😊

  3. Priya Suresh Says:
  4. Very interesting and healthy chaat i must say, well done Harini.

  5. Srividhya Says:
  6. healthy snack.. Never had oats in this form. Very innovative

  7. Very unique recipe. Oats and chaat sounds like a nice combo.

  8. Never used oats in chaats..nice way to include fibre in diet.bookmarked..

  9. Oats chaat sound so healthy and looks so delicious .

  10. Wow . that's so innovative. .and chaats are always relished due to their accompaniments.

  11. what an interesting combination of ingredients

  12. Srivalli Says:
  13. Wow that picture surely is so sinful and inviting Harini

  14. A innovative and healthy recipe.

  15. This is one healthy and innovative chaat,must be a delicious one.

  16. Delicious chat and it looks damn yum!!! Can have it anytime!! :)

  17. A very innovative dish! I am bookmarking this :)

  18. Unknown Says:
  19. Very healthy and innovative chat

  20. Pavani Says:
  21. Very healthy & interesting chaat with oats. Looks very appetizing.

  22. Unknown Says:
  23. Such an healthy and new type of chaat for me. Looks awesome. Jayanthi(www.sizzlingveggies.com)

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