Harbhara Ki Sabji

BM#63 Day 8 -

Today's post is yet another legume based sabji which has become our recent favorite. The flavor of these green chickpeas is unmistakable. Also known as Choliya, they are the freshly harvested chickpeas. 

I remember in my childhood days, when we used to visit our maternal grandparents. To visit the farm was the much looked forward to kind of an outing. The farm hands there used to pamper us by handing over fresh sugar cane stalks. On some occasions we were allowed to uproot the peanut plants with the tender peanuts hanging from them. On our trek back home, we used to carry some freshly uprooted choliya - courtesy the farm hands. :) What fun it was!!

Cooking with these legumes took me back to those golden, carefree days...

Harbhara Ki Sabji

The next post in the series of Maharastrian cuisine would be on Monday. Meanwhile check out what I have been posting this this series of 'Journey though the cuisines'. 

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Recipe Source Shalaka
Ingredients - 

Choliya / Harbhara / Raw ChickPeas 12 oz (I used the frozen variety)
*Tomato, chopped 1 
Salt as needed
Seasoning (Cooking Oil 1 Tbsp, Mustard Seeds 1/2 tsp, Cumin Seeds 1/2 tsp, Asafotida a pinch and curry leaves)
For the Gravy -
Cooking Oil 1 Tbsp 
Onions, chopped 1 cup
Ginger-Garlic Paste 1 tsp
Coconut Powder 1/4 cup
Chili Powder as needed 
Garam Masala as needed
Coriander Stalks few
Turmeric 1/4 tsp

*I used Tomato Paste 1 tsp

Harbhara Ki Sabji

Method Of Preparation -

Pressure cook the raw chickpeas with adequate salt and water.

Meanwhile prepare the gravy - 
Heat a pan and dry roast coconut powder until golden brown. Set aside. 
In the same same heated pan, add oil. Saute onions, ginger-garlic paste. After they turn a shade of golden brown, add turmeric, chili powder and garam masala and fry for a few seconds.
Add water and let it simmer for a few minutes.
Remove and grind into a fine paste along with coriander stalks, adding as much water as needed. Set aside the gravy.

In a heated pan, add oil and prepare the seasoning. Add mustard, cumin, asafotida and curry leaves.

After the mustard seeds pop, add the ground masala paste, boiled choliya and salt. Adjust the consistency by adding water as needed. Adjust the flavors and let the gravy simmer for a few minutes until oil floats on top.

Remove from fire and serve with Roti/Rice.

Preparation Time 30 min
Serves 5-6
Posted by Harini R on Saturday, April 9, 2016


  1. we add pigeon peas to curries but never cooked it as a star ingredient. Nice side dish for roti and maybe even for rice.

  2. I'm with Usha here, never cooked pigeon peas as a star ingredient. But the dish looks flavorful, thanks for a nice share:)

  3. rajani Says:
  4. I feel we got a lot more vegetables in u.s. than in India. I have never seen green chickpea in the South. Nice Curry!

  5. Srivalli Says:
  6. Very good one..we also make gravies when it is in season...and yes I remember visiting our village and plucking out groundnuts off the ground..

  7. Pavani Says:
  8. That is such a healthy and delicious looking curry.

  9. Suma Gandlur Says:
  10. I too love the tender, green chickpeas, Harini and this protein rich side dish would make an excellent accompaniment to rotis.

  11. I also make almost similar but with aloo and call it aloo choliya.This looks so delicious.

  12. I had just recently made the choliya subzi and loved it. I am bookmarking this recipe to try soon.

  13. We don't get these fresh chickpeas hre. I have once tasted it when Vaishali got it for the meet. This curry looks so tasty..

  14. We have a interesting version of these in Gujarat too...I like this curry , its very comforting , looks great.

  15. Unknown Says:
  16. curry look so delicious we don't get this hara chana here, Vaishali brought some for me when we met I still have them in my freezer..

  17. interesting usal recipe

  18. Srividhya Says:
  19. Great side for rice and roti. Interesting recipe.

  20. Priya Suresh Says:
  21. Very delicious and nutritious sabji, loving it.

  22. Smruti Ashar Says:
  23. I love choliya but I have always made a Gujarati version of the chana. Loved your version, I will try it soon!

  24. Kalyani Says:
  25. I have tasted the Gujju and punjabi variety of Cholia ki sabji.. this version is new ..almost like Usal / Misal with those flavours...

  26. ive had these peas a few times - this sounds like a delicious version with all the yummy ingredients in that gravy

  27. veena Says:
  28. This sounds delicious., Havent tried out this variation. Will do so soon

  29. Unknown Says:
  30. When the title said harabhara I Was looking forward for something in green color... this variations sounds new though..

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