Aloo Chana Gobi Sabji

BM #77 Week 3 Day 2 - 

For the second day of healthy weekday lunches, check this one.

Aloo Gobi is a favorite at home anytime , any day.  So for a change I tried adding some boiled chana and it became a much more favorite now. 

Don't we all like that our families love to eat healthy food?? :)

Ingredients - 

Potatoes, peeled, cubed 2 cups
Cauliflower Florets 2 cups
Peas , frozen 1/2 cup (optional)
Boiled Chana  1 1/2 cups
Onion, chopped  1 cup
Tomato , chopped 1/2 cup
Dhania Powder, Red Chili powder, Turmeric as needed
Ginger-Garlic-Green chili Paste as needed
Garam Masala 1/2 tsp 
Kasoori Methi 1/2 tsp
Seasoning (Oil 1 Tbsp, Cumin seeds 1/2 tsp)
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for garnish

Aloo Chana Gobi Sabji

Method Of Preparation -

In a skillet on a medium-high flame, heat some oil and add jeera. 

After jeera starts crackling, add finely chopped onions, tomatoes and turmeric and saute them till it becomes mushy.

Sprinkle Dhania jeera powder and stir.

Make a paste of Ginger, green chillies and garlic and add it to the above mixture.

Add Potatoes and peas (optional) to the above mixture. Add salt and sprinkle some water, cover it with a lid and let it simmer until potatoes are cooked (about 7-8 minutes)

Separately blanch cauliflower florets in hot water for about 7-8 min to remove any impurities/worms.

When the potatoes are almost cooked, add the blanched cauliflower florets and boiled chana. Mix and cook for a couple of minutes.

Add Kasoori methi and garam masala. Garnish with coriander leaves. 

Switch off the flame and serve hot with Roti/Naan.


Preparation Time 25-30 minutes
Serves 4-5


  1. Sounds like a typical Panju curry , minus the tomatoes . Nice combo of veggies .

  2. Srivalli Says:
  3. Must agree this subzi will surely be a hit!..very nice one and btw I am eyeing that roti on the side as well..what is it by the way harini..:)

  4. Harini R Says:
  5. @Srivalli, That is store bought Onion Naan :)

  6. Lip smacking subzi for Roti and Phulka!! Simple but tasty..

  7. Mayuri Patel Says:
  8. Another unusual sabji from you Harini. Quite different from the tomato gravy type of sabji.

  9. Simple yet comforting sandi,perfect with Rotis or phulkas

  10. what a great combo of veggies in one dish

  11. Jyoti Babel Says:
  12. I do make aloo chole or aloo gobhi.. but this one is a combination of all three. I can see u didn't use tomatoes. Good recipe for days when u run out of tomatoes

  13. Archana Says:
  14. Without tomatoes? bookmarking it.

  15. Harini R Says:
  16. @Jyoti Babel and @Archana - I have used tomato but very little. But it can be eliminated as well.

  17. Priya Suresh Says:
  18. Wish i get that bowl of sabji with some rotis, delicious side dish.

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