On my recent visit to India, I learnt quite a few things about Ponnaganti leaves (other names I found are Water Amaranth, Gudrisag, Ponnankani). My MIL says these leaves are comparable to 'Gold', so as to say that these leaves do a lot of good to our body. These leaves are specifically very good for our eyes. Since my MIL comes from a family of Ayurvedic practitioners, she is very well versed in the qualities of many household herbs and spices. She prepares many medicines at home and uses them to treat minor illnesses. I was a little skeptical initially, but I am a 'convert' now, so to say.
Under the able guidance of my MIL, I learnt a few ayurvedic preparations which use some really unknown (to me) herbs. It was quite an interesting learning for me. 

Moving on to this recipe, Ponnaganti koora is traditionally prepared with toor dal. And this recipe is a fool proof one and I have tried this many times. Apparently this is an age old recipe handed down to my MIL from her grandmother.

The fresh leaves can be sun dried and used through out the year. I was lucky enough to get some dried leaves. Here is how my MIL prepares..

sorry about the quality of this pic

Ingredients - 

Ponnaganti leaves chopped finely 4 cups
Toor dal (Kandi Pappu)  1/2 cup
Chilli Powder 1/2 tsp
Coconut powder 3 Tbsp
Peanut Powder 3 Tbsp
Sugar/Grated Jaggery 1 tsp (or as per taste)
Salt as per taste
Seasoning (Oil 2 tsp, Chana dal 2 tsp, Urad dal 2 tsp, Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp, Jeera 1 tsp, 1 Dry Red Chilli and a pinch of Hing )

Method Of Preparation - 

In a covered sauce pan, boil the finely chopped ponnaganti leaves and Toor dal with sufficient water.

After the dal is just about cooked and the leaves look cooked too, drain the water and keep the water aside . This water is very nutritious and so please don't throw away the water. Instead make soup out of it or just add little salt and pepper and offer it to kids or drink it yourself! Or this water can be added to rasam or sambar or dal.

Upon cooling, squeeze out the excess water in the dal + ponnaganti leaves.

In a separate sauce pan, add oil and the rest of seasoning and when it is done, add the squeezed out ponnaganti leaves + dal mixture. Fry it a little and add the rest of the powders (Coconut, peanut, chilli). 

Add salt to taste and also the grated jaggery or sugar. Mix well and when the curry is dry enough, switch off the flame and the curry is ready to be served! Tastes awesome with rice and ghee!!

Sending this delicious curry to 'Only Greens' Event hosted by Sara started by Pari.

Serves 4 adults
Preparation Time 40 min 
Posted by Harini on Friday, December 3, 2010


  1. Umm Mymoonah Says:
  2. There is no doubt that this is an good green veggie and taste really good too. Your recipe looks very delicious.

  3. Pari Vasisht Says:
  4. Wow, that's a new green for me which I am yet to see, can the same preparation done with any other green?

  5. Very Healthy Green Vegetable Recipe. Wonderfully made.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. Harini Says:
  7. My MIL prepares Drumstick leaves curry (http://tamalapaku.blogspot.com/2010/10/munagaaku-koora-drumstick-leaves-curry.html) the same way..never tried with any other greens. Shld be good with palak too..any takers?

  8. Priya Suresh Says:
  9. Wat a healthy koora, i love this green very much..

  10. Tahemeem Says:
  11. That's a yummy dish... i love it :)

  12. Nice Preparation!

  13. kranthi Says:
  14. very healthy leaves. i was going to prepare recipe with this,but searching wt to do.u gave great idea

  15. Raga Says:
  16. hi
    my query is if u bring dried greens , do u soak them in water before preparing the curry or do u microwave them ...basically how do u prep them

  17. Harini R Says:
  18. @Raga, you are absolutely right. Just wash the dried greens in water and proceed as per the recipe.

  19. sastry Says:
  20. Ponnaganti aaku is very benefial to health. When cooked with toor dal (kandi pappu), it helps gain weight, but when made into a boiled vegetable, it helps lose weight. This is the only vegetable with this property.

  21. Is is true the , if you eat very often Ponnaganti akku it change your body color to golden yellow?

  22. Surekha Says:
  23. How can the soup be made out of this leaves??

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