I have used Oats in breakfast recipes and some sweets before. This sure made me feel comfortable about making halwa out of oats and as an after thought added apple too. After I made the halwa, I changed my mind and made laddus out of them. If you like the chewy and soft feel of oats in your mouth with the crunch of nuts, then these laddus are the right fit for the description. The kids loved them as I made different shapes to suit their preferences!

Oats-Apple Laddu

As per the menu I created for the Design A Menu event happening in 'Tamalapaku', I submit these laddus to the same.
Design A Menu

Ingredients - 

Rolled Oats 2 cups
Apple, Grated 1 cup
Sugar 3/4 cup
Milk 1 cup + 2 Tbsp
Almonds, Coarsely Chopped 5-6
Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
Ghee 2 tsp

Method Of Preparation - 

Roast the oats until they get a golden brown hue. Grind them upon cooling.

Also dry roast the almonds and keep aside. 

In a heated sauce pan (I used a non-stick pan), add 1 tsp ghee and fry the grated apple for a couple min.

Add in the coarsely ground oats, milk and sugar.

Keep stirring the mixture adding few drops of ghee as necessary to keep it from sticking to the pan. I had to be on the job for about 15 min or so.

Sprinkle cardamom powder and mix well for a couple of mins and remove from fire.

Chop the roasted almonds into small bits and garnish if you wish to.

Oats-Apple Laddu

I had different ideas :) I made laddus out of this halwa. Here is what I did..

Pinch a small portion of halwa, knead well between the palms of your hand and put in a few chopped almond bits and roll into a ball and keep aside.

Repeat for the rest of the halwa and garnish with some almond powder. 

Also linking these laddus to Dr Sameena Prathap's 'Oats Recipes'  and to
Torviewtoronto's 'Food Pallette Series - Brown'.

Preparation Time 30 min 
Makes 18 laddus


  1. Lovely laddu...loved the ingredients that went in it..

  2. Unknown Says:
  3. yummo!....too beautiful and yummy looking ladoo....nice recipe dear!
    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  4. thank you for linking delicious and healthy laddu

  5. divya Says:
  6. Delicious click...Absolutely mouthwatering..

  7. Neenu M N Says:
  8. This is a perfect Yum..gud job.

  9. Looks absolutely mouthwatering and lip smacking ladus...mm..yumm

  10. Priya Suresh Says:
  11. Those laddus looks absolutely wonderful...simply unique and yumm!

  12. Padma Says:
  13. Looks too cute and also healthy and delicious.

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. waaaaahv harini mouthwatering laddu's ..cant give good rating unless i receive them to taste.

  16. Pavani Says:
  17. Wow.. oats & apples in laddoos, that's a col idea. They look delicious.

  18. a little different but looks mouth watering.

  19. Healthy and delicious.

  20. Katyayani Says:
  21. I made these for dessert this Sunday afternoon. They were so tasty that they disappeared quicker than I took to make them:) My variation from the recipe was to reduce the sugar to 1/2 cup and there was no ghee at home so I used butter.
    Thank you.

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