Cucumbers need no introduction to anyone. We know that they are packed with some very good nutrients which help our body inside and out! Nature sure has a way to keep us cool in summers as these cucumbers are at their best between May and July! 

Back home in my childhood, we used to sprinkle some spices and eat these cucumber wedges with the juices trickling down our arms and elbows. I remember how we used to lick our elbows so as to taste the last drop of the delicious juice from the cucumbers. I surely can't imagine myself doing it now nor can I let my kids do it (in public :)). Gone are those carefree and innocent days under the blanket of the so called 'civilized society'.

I know some of you might cringe at the very idea of making curry with cucumbers. But trust me it is well worth the try. This is a curry made in my maternal grandma's place and my parent's place as well for Day 2 BM#6.

Kheera Koora

Ingredients -

Kheera (Cucumber) , peeled* and diced 4 cups
Turmeric 1/4 tsp
Salt as needed
Seasoning (Oil 1 Tbsp, Chana Dal 1 tsp, Urad Dal 1 tsp, Jerera 1/2 tsp, Mustard Seeds 1/2 tsp, Red Chilli 1, Curry leaves few)
**To Grind  -
Peanuts 3 Tbsp
Putnalu / Roasted Gram/Puthana 2 Tbsp
Coconut Powder 1 Tbsp (Or fresh grated coconut)
Coriander leaves few
Green Chillies 1-2 (or as per taste)

* In some places, the cucumber peel is not waxed and is very tender. In such cases cucumbers need not be peeled. 
**You could try adding some sesame seed powder instead of peanut and roasted gram for variation.
**Coconut is totally optional
Method Of Preparation -

In a heated kadai/wok, add oil and the rest of the seasoning. After the mustard seeds pop, add the diced cucumbers and and turmeric.

Keep stirring so they don't get burnt.  Let them cook for 15 min.

Meanwhile, grind all the ingredients listed under To Grind and add it to the cucumbers.

We like the cucumbers if they have a light crunch and so I stopped at 15 min. If a soggy/mushy curry is preferred (like my Dad), continue cooking for a few more minutes.

Kheera Koora

Reduce heat, sprinkle salt and mix well. [Make sure salt is not added before, as water would ooze out and the curry would be soggy.]

Remove from fire and serve hot as a side dish for Dal.

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Preparation Time 25 min 
Serves 4 Adults


  1. looks good, is it the big cooking cucumber or the normal green cucumber? for me too making a curry of cucumber is something I cant think of... may be I shld try once

  2. Suma Gandlur Says:
  3. Cucumber curry is the one I prefer when I need to cook something quick. I go with coconut / besan. Love your version too. Like that you have made it dry.

  4. Interesting way to make a curry with cucumber. I have never tried this dish. Will def try this one. I love adding peanuts and coconut to this dish. looks delicious

  5. Mélange Says:
  6. I trust that.This curry is extremely flavourful with the ingredients you mentioned.tempting !

  7. Jayashree Says:
  8. While I don't cringe at the thought of making curry with cucumber, I do find it quite unusual. I have never eaten cucumbers made this way.

  9. Usha Says:
  10. I never cooked with cucumber but my cousin adds it to pappu charu. I was good. I am sure even this koora tastes good and even I would prefer a crunchy cucumber to a mushy one.

  11. Unknown Says:
  12. Wow, yummy, love the ingredients you ground and added :)

  13. Love cucumbers in any form.. this curry looks like a wonderful idea... added to "to-do" list...
    Event: Healing Foods - Banana

  14. Never had cucumber this way!! looks delicious..bookmarked it

  15. Priya Suresh Says:
  16. Omg, curry looks truly irresistible and flavourful..never tried curry with cucumber apart from dal..simply inviting..

  17. Very new harini!!! never tried making curry with them, but with ingredients that goes with that, tempt me to try!!!!

  18. This is something new. Nice one.i have always made kootu.

  19. Vardhini Says:
  20. Never made any dish with cucumber .. looks delicious.

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    Event: Healthy Lunchbox Ideas - Broccoli

  21. divya Says:
  22. Wowwww... looks so delicious and tempting.. l

  23. Kalyani Says:
  24. Must try dish Harini .. I always associate cucumber dishes with something runny or with Kosambari !!

    Lovely spice powder too !

    Event: One Pot Meals

  25. I too have never seen cooked cucumber earlier. Looks great.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  26. Indian Khana Says:
  27. Liked your version ...looks gud

  28. Aarthi Says:
  29. looking yummy

  30. Archana Says:
  31. Looks like the kind Amma used to make.Thanks for bringing the memories back. Lovely presentation!

  32. Degchi Says:
  33. Curry looks inviting. I make wet cucumber curry just like turai or ridge gourd.

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