Chanar Payesh

Hope this journey across India has expanded your palates to accommodate the diversity in our food culture. Today, our last stop in this series is West Bengal and I end this series on a sweet note. 

Special thanks to Srivalli for initiating this series and to all fellow marathoners who made this a very enjoyable journey. Hope all of you will continue this journey in any small way possible in your respective kitchens.

A few words about West Bengal before the recipe. 
*West Bengal has been in the center of our history. It was a home state for many stalwarts of India like Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose, Raja Ram Mohan Roy etc. *Bengali literature is very rich and has a long tradition in folk literature.
*Rice and Fish form a major part of their cuisine.

 Please join me for a lovely, mouth watering dessert from this state..

Chanar Payesh

Ingredients - 

Home made paneer 3/4 cup (Needs to be fresh)
Milk 4 cups
Sugar 3/4 cup (or more as per preference)
Saffron a pinch soaked in a tablespoon of milk
Cardamom Powder 1/2 tsp
Mixed nuts (I used pistachios, cashews and almonds)

Optional ingredients - 
*Condensed milk can be used to make it richer and thicker and also to reduce the cooking time.
*Corn Flour / Rice Flour can be used as a thickening agent.

Method Of Preparation -

Knead the fresh paneer well and make small roundels of them and set aside.

Boil milk under a reduced flame until it is reduced to 1/2 or 3/4 of its quantity. Add sugar and the saffron. Take care to make sure the milk doesn't get burnt. So continuous stirring is a good idea.

Gently drop the prepared paneer balls into the simmering milk. Let it simmer for a few more minutes.

Remove and refrigerate upon cooling. Serve chilled for a delightful dessert!

Chanar Payesh

Preparation Time 40 min
Makes 4-cups
Posted by Harini R on Wednesday, April 30, 2014


  1. That bowl looks very appetizing. I have never had this dish but it is so similar to some of the other milk sweets from this state I can only imagine how tasty it must be.

  2. Ms.Chitchat Says:
  3. Wow, I can devour the whole bowl.

  4. delicious presentation

  5. I plan to make this tomorrow as i have lots of chenna with me ....this looks so beautiful. I had tasted it at Zaffran..Harini this mega marathon was great fun and you literally took our hand in yours while talking us through the different states and telling us about the beautiful dishes. The way you have captured the pictures shows the amount of planning and work you have done, thoroughly enjoyed

  6. Priya Suresh Says:
  7. Give me that bowl,i can happily finish it without any guilt, i tried once with store bought rasgullas, wish i do soon this irresistible chanar payesh from scratch as u did. Well done Harini.

  8. Nisha Says:
  9. Wow. That looks stunning Harini. Great pic.

  10. Fantastic. I love the recipe. ..looks so inviting. .feel like relishing that chilled bowl.
    Great running the marathon with you n learning new recipes.

  11. Unknown Says:
  12. would love to grab that entire bowl.. so tempting and irresistible..

  13. Srivalli Says:
  14. Harini, it's been such a joyous journey through the states with you...great to see your Chanar Payesh..the pictures are so good..

  15. Pavani Says:
  16. That is sucha a yummyway to end the series Harini. Chanar payesh looks creamy and delicious.

  17. Such a super tempting and fabulous sweet recipe to end the series.Chanar payesh looks so delicious and creamy..

  18. Archana Says:
  19. Wow this is so very deliicous. I hav enever had chnnar payesh but since I love bengali swets this I ma sure wil be delicious.
    I love this series and thanks to you hav esome interesting new dishes to try out.

  20. jayanthi Says:
  21. looks delicious. totally new to me.. would love to gobble up a few right now

  22. I never tasted this dish but it sounds delicious ! Nice choice to end the series...

  23. Padmajha Says:
  24. I made this a long time back and I can still recollect the creay texture of this kheer.Nice one Harini and love that close up pic. It was great running this marathon along with you :)

  25. Unknown Says:
  26. I love channar payesh a lot and they look irresistible and sinful dear :) very tempting dessert to end the marathon !!

  27. Chanar payesh looks creamy, rich and delicious. Looks divine

  28. Suma Gandlur Says:
  29. That's one yummilicious kheer you got there.
    Loved all your marathon posts, Harini.

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