Grilled Paneer Sandwich

Day 3 Week 4 of BM #52 - 

If you are thinking it is very similar to the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, I would urge you to think again. There is hardly any resemblance between the two. This version of sandwich had a burst of flavors from the paneer, jalapeno and the coriander leaves. 

My husband commented that it is fit for a kid's party if the jalapeno is taken off.

Grilled Paneer Sandwich

Recipe Source Vaishali
Ingredients - 

Bread slices 2
Paneer, grated or crumbled 3 Tbsp
Jalapeno, minced 1 tsp or to taste
Red Bell Pepper, finely chopped 1 tsp
Coriander Leaves, finely chopped 1 Tbsp
Salt and Butter as needed

Grilled Paneer Sandwich

Method Of Preparation -

In a mixing bowl, add grated paneer, minced jalapeno, finely chopped red bell pepper, coriander leaves and salt. toss them gently and set aside.

Butter both the slices of bread on both sides, spread the paneer mixture on one slice of the bread and top it off with another slice and grill/toast until crisp.

Serve it with ketchup for a filling breakfast/snack.

Preparation Time 15 min
Makes 1


  1. Simply mouthwatering and inviting grilled paneer sandwich. Not to mention that it's USP is jalapenos and coriander make it even more tastier.


  2. Love grilled sandwiches...looks yummy

  3. Pavani Says:
  4. What a delicious sandwich -- I've never tried paneer in a sandwich, it must have tasted amazing.

  5. Sandhiya Says:
  6. I love sandwich..yours stuffing looks interesting..must have tasted delicious..

  7. Suma Gandlur Says:
  8. Lovely sandwich. And is that butterfly your little one's art project?

  9. My dad's favourite breakfast minus the jalapeño! God Bless him , i got nostalgic reading the post.

  10. So very colorful sandwich, the filling sounds too good!!!

  11. Srivalli Says:
  12. Gosh Harini those pictures are clicked so well!..what a lovely dish..

  13. Sandwiches with paneer are always a hit. This one looks delicious.

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