BM #117 Week 4 Day 3 - 

This version of Pudina Rice is very popular in our family. The first time I tasted Pudina rice was at a friend's place and took an instant liking to it. 

I never prepared it since my husband wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea. With its antioxidant properties and lots of essential vitamins and minerals (including folic acid, an essential nutrient for women), mint has known to have been a cure for indigestion. Various studies have also shown that it also has certain anti-cancer properties. 

Edited - on 26th oct 2020 by Harini
I have tried various versions of Mint Rice but loved the No onion No Garlic version of it. Feel free to add onion, ginger and garlic as per preference.

Ingredients -

1 cup Pudina/Mint leaves
Coriander Leaves (Kothimeera/cilantro), a fistful
2 cups Basmati rice (Wash them and soak them in 4 cups of water for about 1/2 hr)
1 Medium Onion (cut into thin long strips - Optional)
1 tsp Ginger-Garlic paste (optional)
3-4 Green Chillies
Whole Garam Masala (Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom)
Salt to taste
Oil 2 Tbsp

Method of Preparation -

Wash and soak Basmati rice for about 20-30 minutes.

Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan and add the pudina leaves and green chillies and saute them till the raw smell of mint fades away.

Grind the Mint/Pudina leaves, coriander leaves, green chillies in a mixer.

Heat oil in a wide bottomed pan and when slightly hot, add the whole Garam Masala and fry it for a few seconds.

Add the Ginger-garlic paste to this and the add the onions and saute them for a few minutes. (If using Onion, Ginger and Garlic)

Add the Pudina mixture and salt to this and fry for a minute or two. Now, add the Basmati rice along with the water (2.5 cups) and let it cook till the rice is done or transfer the entire mixture into a rice cooker and cook.

Pudina rice is ready to be served with raita.

Serves 4 Adults
Preparation and Cooking Time 40 mins


  1. Sujaa Sriram Says:
  2. Hey Pudina Rice is yummy and spicy dear...
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    Preethi's Culinary : http://preethisculinary,

    and also please visit my art blog
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  3. Katyayani Says:
  4. This was our Sunday Special lunch. The aroma of mint filled the entire house. It was awesome and my family enjoyed it. I added cubed stir fried potatoes and served with raita.
    Thanks again:)

  5. Radha Says:
  6. the aroma of mint will make anyone come for seconds. Your pulao looks yum and great picture.

  7. Suma Gandlur Says:
  8. This pulao sounds delicious and your rice looks so perfectly made with each grain standing out. I am sure onion and garlic are not needed when mint and cilantro have taken up the flavor department.

  9. Srivalli Says:
  10. Wow the rice looks so good Harini, love the texture!..I love pudina rice, this one surely must try!

  11. Rafeeda AR Says:
  12. We always evolve on such simple recipes, don't we? This looks like a pulao that my folks would love... I tried something very similar to this some time back... It looks so good!

  13. Srividhya Says:
  14. I love pudina rice and I make it slightly differently. This version sounds delicious and I will give it a try.

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