Here is a recap of all the Thalis and Platters posted in the month of September as part of the month long Mega Marathon.The past month has been full of excitement and stress in equal proportions.

To publish a new post 26 days a month is not easy by any means. But this group event is a huge motivation for many of us to push us out of our comfort zones and do the best we can.

I have been participating in these Mega Marathons for a while now and appreciate the feelings associated with being in that 'special mode'.

I usually start the marathon with half the dishes ready. But this time it was moved from April to September owing to the Covid situation. So, I had all of them done except one and it took so long to get the last one done. :)

So without much ado, here are the thalis and platters all at one place.

The first 4 days was all about Platters -

High Tea Platter - Eggless Whole Wheat Custard Powder Cookies - Day 1

The high tea platter features  Irani Samosa, Eggless Whole Wheat Custard Powder CookiesEggless Marble Cake, Smashed Baby Potatoes, Crunchy Puri and Masala Chai.

Dips Platter - Spinach Artichoke Dip - Day 2

In the platter there is Spinach Artichoke DipHummusMarinara Sauce and Guacamole with Pita Chips, Tortilla Chips, Cheez-Its, Celery, Carrots and Cherry Tomatoes.

Kid's Dream Platter - Banana-Mango Berry Milkshake - Day 3

The platter they assembled - Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Open SandwichStrawberry Parfait, Chocolate Almonds, White Chocolate Strawberries, Dark Chocolate StrawberriesChocolate Pretzels and Banana-Mango-Berry Milkshake.

Beverage Bar - Spiced Apple Cider in Instant Pot - Day 4

In the beverage bar, we have Lemon Soda, Spiced Apple CiderMango Lemonade, and Iced Tea.

The next 6 days were all about everyday simple meals..

Everyday Mini Thali 1 - Garlic Pepper Rasam - Day 5

This meal contains Methi Tomato DalTindora FryTomatillo-Bell Pepper Chutney, Garlic Pepper Rasam, Cucumber, Rice and Yogurt.

Everyday Mini Thali 2 - Drumstick Coconut Milk Curry - Day 6

Featured here are Beetroot SabjiInstant Dhaniyala Sambar, Drumstick Coconut Milk Curry, Rice, Yogurt and Vadiyalu (Sun dried fritters)

Everyday Mini Thali 3 - Raw Plum Chutney - Day 7

Featured here are Little Millet Pongal, Rice, Palakura Pulusu, Raw Plum ChutneyAloo Muddha Koora and yogurt

Everyday Mini Thali 4 - Paneer Bhurji - Day 8

This no-rice thali has Paneer Bhurji and Aloo Gobi along with Phulka and Yogurt.

Everyday Mini Thali 5 - Radish Peas Rice - Day 9

A basic No Onion No Garlic meal option with a Tomato Dal, Aloo Fry and Radish Peas Rice.

Everyday Mini Thali 6 - Mango Fruit Salad - Day 10

A very special thali using our freshly harvested raw tomatoes to make Raw Tomato Chutney, Raw Tomato Curry With Moong, and Raw Tomato Dal. Also in the picture are Rice, Yogurt, Mango Fruit Salad, and Uppu Mirapakai (Mor Milagai)

The next 6 days are all about flatbreads with their accompaniments..

Flatbread Thali 1 - Vegan Kheema Paratha - Day 11

Featured in this Flatbread Thali are - Rice, Veg PulaoChikkudukaya kooraMethi DalMamidikaya Menthibaddalu,
 Yogurt, Vegan Kheema Paratha, Shakkarpare and Brownies.

Flatbread Thali 2 - Rumali Roti - Day 12

This thali showcases Rumali Roti, Matar Paneer, Pickle and Yogurt.

Flatbread Thali 3 - Garlic Butter Roti With Pizza Dough - Day 13

Here is the thali featuring the Garlic Butter Roti with Pizza DoughAloo GobiTomato Peanut Dal, Rice, Yogurt, Semiya Kheer and a Clementine.

Flatbread Thali 4 - Dhapate - Day 14

In the thali featuring Dhapate are Garlic Chutney, Green Chili Thecha, Onion-Tomato Koshimbir and yogurt.

Flatbread Thali 5 - Tawa Pudi - Day 15

The thali featuring Tawa Pudi has Sabz Jaipuri, Boondi-Kakdi Raita and Onion-Tomato salad.

Flatbread Thali 6 - Aloo Kulcha - Day 16

The accompaniments for Aloo Kulcha are Chole(Chana Masala), Yogurt and Pickle. 

The next 6 days are elaborate regional thalis and I have posted thalis from Andhra, West Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

Andhra Varalakshmi Vratham Thali - Goodaannam - Day 17

Featured in this festival thali are 1.Pulihora2.Ven Pongal3.Goodaannam, 4.Daddhojanam, 5.Paramaannam6.Bendakaya Gojju7.PlainDal, 8.Senagalu, 9.Rice, 10.Poornam Laddu, 11.Rajma Vada, 12.Rava Laddu 

Bengali Niramish Thali - Paneer Dalna - Day 18

This Bengali Niramish thali features 1.Potol Bhaja (Parwal Fry), 2.Paneer Dalna, 3.Bandhakopir Ghonto (Cabbage Sabji), 4.Aloo Posto (Potatoes cooked in Poppy paste), 5.Cholar Dal,6.Papad, 7.Rice, 8.Mishti Tomato Chatni, 9.Kumro Bhaja (Pumpkin Fry), 10.Sandesh

Gujarati Thali - Bhinda Nu Bharela Shaak - Day 19

Gujarati thali - 1.Gujarati Kadhi, 2.Khatti Meethi Dal, 3.Mag - Gujarati Moong Beans, 4.Beet Nu Raito, 5.Doodh Pak, 6.Steamed Rice, 7.Dhokla, 8.Methi Na Gota, 9.Papad, 10.Batata Tamata Nu Shaak, 11.Bhinda nu Bharela Shaak, 12.Roti, 13.Poori, 14.Khatta Chutney, 15.Green Chutney

Maharashtrian Thali - Chawli Chi Usal - Day 20

Traditional Maharashtrian thali - 1.Salt, 2.Lemon, 3.Thecha, 4.Koshimbir, 5.Gajrancha Loncha, 6.Aloochi Vadi, 7.Chawli Chi Usal, 8.Gobi Matar Bhaji, 9.Batatachi Bhaji, 10.Amti, 11.Papad, 12.Varan Bhat, 13.Tondli Bhat, 14.Roti, 15.Mattha, 16.Aam Ras and 17.Sheera

Rajasthani Thali - Gatte Ki Sabji - Day 21

Here in the Rajasthani thali we have 1.Lahsun ki Chutney, 2.Boondi - Kakdi Raitha, 3.Gatte Ki Sabji, 4.Kala Chane Ki Kadhi, 5. Sabz Jaipuri, 6.Papad Ki Sabji, 7.Dal Tadka, 8.Rice, 9.Poori, 10.Phulka, 11.Tawa Pudi, 12.Chaas, 13.Moong dal Vada, 14.Churma Laddu, 15. Onion-Tomato Salad.

Tamilian Thali - Avarakkai Kootu - Day 22

The traditional Tamilian no onion - no garlic thali features 1.Rice, 2.Ghee, 3.Sorekai Mor Kuzhambu, 4.Paruppu, 5.Avarakkai Kootu, 6.Chow Chow Poriyal, 7.Maangai Saadam, 8.Beans Usli, 9.Pickle, 10.Yogurt,  11.Akkaravadisal and 12.Papad.

Satyanarayana Pooja Thali - Aloo - Color Peppers Koora - Day 23

The menu features - 1.Semiya Upma, 2.Sambar, 3.Shahi Mutter Paneer, 4.Aloo Color Peppers Koora, 5.Almond Flour-Sago Kheer, 6.Urad Vada, 7. Pulihora, 8. Methi-Tomato Dal, 9. Rice, 10.Ghee, 11 Mysore Pak, 12. Godhuma Rava Halwa

Lauki Thali - Lauki Cutlet - Day 24

This special thali featuring 6 recipes with home grown Lauki  has Lauki Juice, Lauki Cutlet for starters, Sorrakaya Pindimiriyam, Sorrakaya Sambar, Sorrakaya Pacchadi, Rice and Yogurt for the main course and Lauki Halwa for the dessert.

Proso Millet Pulihora - Millet thali - Day 25

This weekend millet meal has Bendakaya FryTindora Fry, Proso Millet Pulihora, Tomato DalTomato Rasam, Proso Millet, Yogurt and Sweet Boondi.

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Posted by Harini R on Friday, October 2, 2020


  1. Srivalli Says:
  2. Excellent round up Harini, I enjoyed reading each of the post and I can see so much efforts going in each of well done Harini..

  3. Beautiful round up ! All your posts were super and it sure feels awesome to do mega marathons , but this one with Thali and Platter was absolutely rocking .
    I can see the amount of effort that has been put ,I loved your regional spreads - they are so beautiful , such amazing recipe combinations . The Rajasthani and the Satyanarayan Pooja thalis are my favourite , and the dream platter - that surely is a dream !
    Kudos , looking forward to another mega marathon with you 🥰

  4. Srividhya Says:
  5. Amazing round up and love each and every sub-theme of yours, especially the flatbread ones and the regional thalis. Learned a lot and nicely done Harini. Kudos.

  6. Suma Gandlur Says:
  7. Enjoyed this round up. That is an amazing marathon and loved all your thaalis / platters which sure took lot of efforts. Especially the regional thaalis which were colorful and depicted the diversity of Indian regional cuisines.

  8. CookwithRenu Says:
  9. I was trying to shortlist one thali or 2 may be for which I can say that this is the best one, But gave up as all are the best. Each and every thali has a story and is a visual treat. Hats off to your hard work

  10. Narmadha Says:
  11. Amazing thali and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every post of yours. So many unique and interesting varieties of thali

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