Here is yet another Dosa for breakfast/dinner.  The most uninteresting conversation at home is 'What to make for breakfast?'. The usual reply is 'What are my options?'. That is the one which ticks me off :)  What do you do when you get a question as an answer to your question? I crack my brains, search for something new/healthy/interesting on the web and make it for breakfast and be done with it!!  One such quest led me to this recipe which paved the way to a happy ending to the conversation!! 

Ulli Karam Dosa

Recipe Source - Here

Chana Dal 1/4 cup
Toor Dal 1/4 cup
Brown Rice 1/4 cup (Normal rice can also be used)
Masala To Grind - 
Onions Chopped 1/2 cup
Red Chillies 2-3  (or as per taste)
Coconut Grated 3 Tbsp (I used frozen and thawed)
Tamarind juice 2-3 tsp (or as per taste)
Fresh Coriander leaves Chopped  Tbsp (Optional)
Salt to taste

Method Of Preparation - 

Soak Chana Dal, Toor Dal and Rice for 5-6 hrs and grind into a fine paste adding as much water as needed. Set the batter aside aside for an hour or so.

Grind the Onion Masala (Ulli karam) using all the ingredients listed under 'Masala To Grind'.

Mix the masala and the batter well. Adjust salt as needed.

In a heated tawa/griddle pour ladle full of batter and spread into a thin circle. Drizzle oil if needed (I don't use oil on a non stick pan). Let it cook on both sides.

Remove after both the sides are cooked and continue for the rest of the batter.

Serve it with Chutney of your choice. I served mine with Zucchini Chutney.

Sending these Dosas to Divya's 'Show me your Dosa'.

Preparation Time 25 min
Makes 10-12 dosas


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. wow, that is an entirely new process. I always have heard of using masala as stuffing, but never mixed with the batter in ground way. Love the recipe :)

  3. aipi Says:
  4. Looks fantastic and I am sure they taste equally wonderful :)
    US Masala

  5. Sounds super good.. and spicy..
    Event: Serve It - Grilled/Barbequed/Tandoored

  6. Pavani Says:
  7. Wow. that's one yummy looking dosa, a cross between adai and masala dosa?? Looks awesome.

  8. Prema Says:
  9. Delicious dosa,luks so temping...

  10. Miri Says:
  11. This is very similar to the adai we make, except the onions are not ground into the batter. Looks good

  12. wow this is a new very new method.. awesome..

  13. Priya Suresh Says:
  14. Wonderful looking dosa, looks like a small sister of adais..delicious!

  15. Indian Khana Says:
  16. New for me and looks delicious

  17. Unknown Says:
  18. Mouthwatering recipe looks yum.

  19. Srivalli Says:
  20. Glad you liked it Harini, will tell that to Amma..:)

  21. yummy looking dosa combination

  22. Nithu Bala Says:
  23. Spicy and delicious.

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