Bedmi Puri (With Moong Dal)

B for Bedmi Puri forming part of Regional Cuisine. I hope you are following our A-Z series of BM#32. More details here. These protein filled spicy puris are apparently very popular in some portions of Agra, Delhi and nearby areas. Needless to say it has become popular at home as well.

Recipe Source here
Ingredients - 

Wheat Flour 2 cups
Sooji / Semolina 3/4 cup
Moong Dal, soaked for 2 hrs and drained 1 cup 
Salt to taste
Coriander Powder 1 tsp
Red Chilli Powder to taste
Ginger 1 inch 
Garam Masala 1 tsp
Green Chilllies 2-3 (or to taste)
Oil to deep fry

Bedmi Puri (With Moong Dal)

Method Of Preparation -

In a grinder/blender add the drained moong dal, ginger, green chillies, salt, coriander powder, garam masala, red chilli powder and grind to a fine paste adding as little water as needed.

Mix the above paste into the flour and knead into a soft pliable dough. Cover and set aside for 30 min.

Pinch lime sized portions of dough and roll them out into thin circles. Cover the rolled out puris. It helps if you have an additional pair of hands to help so that while one is rolling out the puris, the other can fry them.

Heat oil for deep frying in a wok/kadai. When the oil is hot enough, gently slide the rolled out puri and fry until they are puffed out and are golden brown in color.

Drain onto paper towels to drain the excess oil.

Continue till all the puris are fried.

Serve hot with Alu Subzi.

Logo courtesy : Preeti

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Preparation Time 45 min
Makes 20-25 puris


  1. Srivalli Says:
  2. I love these pooris and enjoyed it so much when I had made..very tempting plate Harini..

  3. I made these few months back and they were so delicious. Yours came out fab!

  4. Love these pooris with spicy Aloo sabzi ! Yours looks tempting,.

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. that is so adorable.. love the serving platter too


  7. preeti garg Says:
  8. I love bedami puri with aloo curry.. awesome

  9. i really love this poori, never got around making them as yet at home...looks delicious

  10. Fulfilling and delicious looking puris. Excellent preparation.

  11. I had these last December when I visited Delhi and they were so so yummy! The picture's so good!

  12. Priya Suresh Says:
  13. Somehow i love this puri with aloo curry,never tried this dal combo,interesting.

  14. Padmajha Says:
  15. This was in my first list for this alphabet but then changed it later on. Its on my bookmarked list ever since I saw it on Vaishali's blog.
    Looks good Harini and I am sure it was just as tasty...

  16. Fareeda Says:
  17. I would love to make these puris. What amount of salt did you use...1/4 teaspoon...1/2 teaspoon?


  18. Very lovely puris! love your platter :)

  19. veena Says:
  20. Lovely puris, Never made them before

  21. I have made these and make them very regularly..they turn out so so delicious..super Rajasthani stuff.

  22. Looks very delicious. I have this in my list ever since Valli posted it. You are tempting me to try...

  23. Unknown Says:
  24. Delicious dish.. Never had them before..

  25. Suma Gandlur Says:
  26. They must be really good. This is what I had in mind for 'B' before leaving to India. :)

  27. Rajani S Says:
  28. Never had this before, but looks interesting. Its funny that my bookmark list grows a lot whenever I come to your space :)

  29. Archana Says:
  30. First I thought I read badam puris then I re read again and was curious, for these are new to me. I absolutely love it. Bookmarking this.

  31. Pavani Says:
  32. Love these stuffed puris, so filling and delicious.

  33. Delicious poori, Looks so wonderful..

  34. Delicious poori, Looks so wonderful..

  35. Delicious puffed poori. These are almost like the moong dal kachori of Uttar Pradesh.

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