Urad Dal Halwa

I was not too keen on making this halwa for this edition of Indian Cooking Challenge. But in the last minute I managed to make this and felt that it tasted more like Minapa Sunni (Sunnundalu or Urad Laddu). 
Apparently this is an integral part of Chettinad Cuisine. It happens to be a very nutritious and low fat halwa. I believe this is eaten as part of breakfast rather than a dessert!!

Ingredients - 

Urad Dal/Minappappu 1/2 cup
Rice Flour 1/4 cup
Grated Jaggery 1/2 cup (Or sugar)
Coconut , grated 1 tsp (Optional)
Cardamom Powder 1/4 tsp
Ghee 1 1/2 tsp
Water 1 1/2 cups

Method Of Preparation -

Dry roast urad dal until golden brown. Powder upon cooling and set aside. Mix in the rice flour.

In a nonstick pan, boil 1/2 cup of water and add grated jaggery to it. After the jaggery melts, strain to remove any impurities.

Return the strained melted jaggery to the pan and continue boiling. Now is the time to add ghee.

In another bowl, mix in the flours and water to make a lump free batter.

Slowly add the batter to the simmering jaggery syrup. Sprinkle coconut and cardamom powder. 

Stir continuously until the halwa comes together as a single mass.

Remove from fire and serve warm/hot. Optionally garnish with toasted nuts.

Preparation Time 20 min 
Makes 1 1/4 cups


  1. Srivalli Says:
  2. You are right Harini, my daughter was dot on saying this tasted so much like sunnudulu..which she refused to eat, however she liked this one..:)..like your moulded shape..

  3. innovative and interesting halwa.

  4. Archana Says:
  5. Great halva. I am hosting WTML All through August’12. Do send me your entries

  6. Archana Says:
  7. Great halva. I am hosting WTML All through August’12. Do send me your entries

  8. Indian Khana Says:
  9. Looks so perfectly done ....nice click

  10. Healthy halwa..Looks delicious..

  11. Nupur Says:
  12. I loved it too , your texture looks better than mine though :(..

    good to learn new things :)

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